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SageWoman Blogs

At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we're devoted to celebrating your journey. We invite you to subscribe today and join our circle...

Here in the SageWoman section of PaganSquare, our bloggers represent the multi-faceted expressions of the Goddess, feminist, and women's spirituality movements.

IFO- Identified Flying Objects in Our Skies!

We had many retreat and bed and breakfast guests at our retreat center near Little Fort, British Columbia, Canada. My husband and I had decided instead of traveling the world, the world would come to us. Although, visitors also came from the skies from other stars and planets!

A great deal of the UFO activity near Nehalliston Canyon Retreat, my retreat center, in the BC Central Mountains, was during the summer of 1997. I loved it, and another reason for moving into the mountains had appeared as I had hints about upon arrival.

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Once upon a time, in a land much like yours and mine, people said their princess was so neurotic and fussy that she complained about a pea under her mattress. 


Her father, the king, had explained to her that there couldn’t be more than a tiny pea or pebble under the mattress. 


But her back hurt badly and, raised to believe she could not overcome obstacles herself and must rely on a man instead, she vowed to marry the first fellow to solve her problem.

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Candlemas Song


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Goddess of the untamed shore
smooth my edges into gratitude,
tumble me into letting go,b2ap3_thumbnail_83028215_2543529015859305_8056612813340147712_o1.jpg
teach me what it means
to let my longings
ebb and flow.
Roll me until my to-do list
becomes rubble
and my bindings become loosened
by the touch of salt and time.
Carve me back to my
most essential self,
erode my need to know
until it is replaced
by space
around my heart
to grow.
Sweep over me
and leave me expansive and free,
help me to remember
to wait for nothing
while somehow also being
as patient as the moon.
Encourage me to
chart my own course
and steer my own craft,
trusting the transformations wrought
by truth and trust and tide.

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Cabbage is a Winter Vegetable

For the most part, I believe eating with the seasons helps keep us healthy. Like winter squash and root vegetables, cabbage is a winter vegetable, sturdy, healthy, and versatile. Its only negative is that if you overcook it, it does smell bad.  This is due to the Sulfur that is released that way. If it is cooked properly, the Sulfur content helps our bodies to be more efficient. Cabbage is a very useful vegetable. It can be boiled, fried, sautéed or eaten raw in a salad. Inexpensive, it keeps well in the refrigerator, so it is always handy as an ingredient in a quick meal.

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A New Year, A New Leaf


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An Ancient Massacre by Reptilian Males

The following is a past Earth story, when a separation came to men and women and when we were genetically modified, a vision that was given by the 13 ancient ‘Spirit Grandmothers of Time’ to Patricia Culliford of Quebec. I am no longer in contact with Ms Culliford after trying for the last few years to find her, to ask permission to share this copyrighted material, the knowledge that she received from the 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time, but feel that she would welcome me sharing the information that follows so that everyone has access to their origins. The 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time told Ms Culliford that they, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, are beings from several star systems and planets that birthed the Earth after a huge cataclysm. I, Agnes, intuited this to be at the Permian era, when the continents first split apart, about 300 million years ago.

PART ONE 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time:

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