Eclectic Elementals: The Magic & Spirituality of the Elements

We can’t live without any of the four Classical elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air; they compose, encompass and simply make possible all life and comfort therein. All magical practices and all spiritual paths have at least this in common: the belief in and veneration of the elements and their ethereal inhabitants. Which element can help you forge or deepen your own unique spirituality? Are you a fluid undine or a grounded gnome? A fleet sylph or a smoldering salamander? Come explore four natural paths that lead all over this sacred world and find out!

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Meredith Everwhite

Meredith Everwhite

Meredith Everwhite is an amateur writer and Tarot/oracle reader. Her own elemental affinity has led her to become a devoted water priestess and the creator of the website/blog The Oracle of Water ( where she shares and writes about all things aqueous in the worlds of metaphysics, spirituality and the occult. Currently pursuing her certification in Michelle Hanson’s seashell-based “Ocean Oracle”, she is also working to develop her own original water-themed divination system. She currently lives in North Carolina with her spritely feline familiar, Naia.  
An Introduction to Creating an Element-based Spirituality

No faith, no magical practice, and no school of philosophy has the monopoly on elemental belief. From Aboriginal animism to Druidism to Shinto to Plato, “the Elements” have played a huge role in how humans have related to and deified the natural world around them.

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