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Posted by on in Studies Blogs
The Orphic Hymns

Orpheus, the famed oracle orator hero of Greece, began to teach a new religion at the dawn of the Archaic Age.  Deeply rooted in ancient paganism, Orphism taught a doctrine of peace-seeking, reincarnation, and universal brotherhood.  The followers, like their leader, worshiped their gods with song.  Eighty seven of these ancient hymns have survived to the present day, and are called The Orphic Hymns.  They've been translated into English many times.  Most familiar is the 1792 work of Thomas Taylor, which is lovely verse, but sometimes diverges quite far from the original meanings.  The most popular recent translation by Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow holds very close to the original text, but utilizes neither meter nor rhyme, making it less effective for ritual use.  These new translations shoot for the best of both worlds; I've stuck to the original text closely, rendering them in modern English in rhymed couplets suitable for both oration and singing.  Accompanying each hymn are historical context, essays on the gods, and suggestions for spell craft utilizing the hymn.  Several are illustrated with original full-page ikons, which you can photocopy out and frame.  You can read many of the translations in progress by following the project at or

The "basic" edition of the book will include a prefatory essay about the hymns and their historical and religious context, an original telling of the myth of Orpheus, and a new translation of each hymn, with some black and white illustrations.  The "special" edition of the book will include all that, as well as essays to accompany each hymn, and as many full-color illustrations as we can afford to produce and print.  (hopefully, that's all of them!!) . You can read an example chapter here:

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Overheard at the Intergalactic Witches' Cotillion

The voice was unmistakably that of Discworld's Nanny Ogg, in full Impart mode to a junior colleague.

Of all things, she was talking about the show Bewitched.

“Terrible programme, full of inaccuracies,” she said. “That's why we had to have it canceled.”

So it was the witches themselves that got Bewitched canceled?

“Of course it was,” says Nanny. “Not that I had anything against the show myself, mind you.”

She takes a pull from her hip flask.

“As a matter of fact, it even confirmed several of my favorite biases.”

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Druid Magic - How to Craft Your Own Spells

Magic has been worked in the Druid tradition since ancient times. As it is a growing tradition, with new knowledge and techniques influencing it all the time, you can certainly feel free to write up your own spells, using whatever tools you desire, whatever components and whatever technique you feel best suits your practice. Here are some guidelines as to how to go about writing and performing a spell.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Devas/Plant Spirits

Devas/Plant Spirits

All plants have spirits, and to connect with the magical property of each plant it is my suggestion that you talk to the spirit within it, make a connection. This is easily done, if you don’t mind the neighbours thinking you are slightly mad. 

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Hi everybody! I'm excited to tell you that Lilith Dorsey and I are back to bring you Witchcraft & Voodoo, our biweekly talk program where we compare and contrast our two paths. Here's our first new episode!

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The Medicine Wheel of Life—The Practice

The medicine wheel, the traditional Dreamwalker wheel that my teacher, Silver Eagle, taught me, has been added to with later knowledge of traditional Inca and Celtic wheels including the Archangelic Realm. Silver Eagle has departed for other hunting and beading grounds in higher dimensions, he has left his body, and although I treasured his teachings, I felt attracted to other wheel teachings of other cultures as well; so I combined them. You could do the same; create your very own wheel variation.

I love the medicine wheel and know that many cultures utilize a wheel for spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing; besides gaining introspection or insight. It’s profound for this. The different directions and animal totems of the Medicine Wheel, with their wisdom, have gifts for us. They inter-relate with one another. They support one another on our marvellous inner and outer healing journeys and we can pay attention to where we are in any moment, when we tune inward to observe.

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Two Native American women leaders are currently on the cusp of being major "Firsts" in American Congressional and Gubernatorial races--exciting!


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