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Recent blog posts
The 8th Moon of the Year, Harvest Moon, 2020

Harvest Moon, September 17, 2020. 

Meet Spirit Grandmother Thunderbird. She is creating polarity on Earth, fire, holding Earth's magnetics in place. She is great, a huge and powerful Spirit in the form of a bird. A bird that I saw many years ago. 

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Reading Minoan Art: A How-To

I feel a little bit like an elementary school teacher: OK, everyone, we're going to learn to read Minoan art!

We're all a bit past elementary school, but learning to understand the iconography of any ancient culture is a big step toward understanding their religion and worldview. Iconography is the set of symbols (icons) that have meaning in religious art. They're pictures, but in a sense, we can "read" them and they'll tell us their story. Archaeologists and historians of religion have pieced together the basics, and we've fleshed it out just a bit more in MMP using dance ethnography and shared gnosis.

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Living in a Censer

If you live anywhere near the West Coast of the USA, you already know exactly what I’m talking about.  For the last 8+ days everyone who lives anywhere near me has been living 24/7 in a huge incense censer.  As if COVID wasn’t enough to keep us apart, now many of us are dealing with the unhealthiest air on the planet.  This creates a strange situation for incense makers.  Have you ever tried to test a new incense blend while standing in the world’s largest censer?  The only respite we get from this thick air is in well-sealed rooms in our houses.  The last thing anyone wants is to light incense and add more smoke and ash to the situation.  Living in an incense censer is NOT a good thing.

I did want to take a moment and remind everyone who is dealing with this situation, that there is more going on here than evacuations and closures.

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Virgo New Moon: Cherish, Protect & Love Yourself (Then Pay It Forward)

Dearest Moon Muser,
It's the Virgo New Moon this week and I've created a Moonday Soul Reading Video and Blog Post for you to enjoy. Within are oracle card messages and a guided meditation I channeled to guide, center, ground and protect you in the coming week and moonth ahead. I recommend starting with the video and then scrolling down to receive further guidance from the oracle cards pulled for this psychic reading. Enjoy!

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader, Artist, Astrologer

Virgo New Moon Soul Reading Video (click here)

Virgo New Moon Video Soul Reading Cards (from the Video)

Virgo Goddess (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck)


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Conjuring Contentment: Metta Mantras:

If you had a rough day at work, your inner critic was overactive or are just feeling a little down, try this as lovingkindness meditation.. It can be difficult cultivate self-love but it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The very peacefulness you create with this ritual, you can also send to another,  Begin by sitting quietly, taking relaxed, slow, deep breaths and wishing yourself happiness. After sitting quietly begin to speak this mantra aloud::

May I be happy.

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Message in a Film Roll

When I finally cleaned out my mom's desk I found a roll of film. I expected that there might be pictures of her on it and I was thinking of it as a sort of message from the dead before I saw the pictures, and I was right-- but also wrong. There were pictures of my gramma on it. Mom's mom.

I saw the images as digital files dropboxed to me from the film developer on the 9th, which was the 9th anniversary of gramma's death. If that weren't enough, earlier that day I'd also gotten an automated reminder message in my email from a memorial website about gramma. It took me longer than it should have to figure out what she was trying to tell me. It was simple: she wanted to be remembered.

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    I read in one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts that we lay out our journey through the afterlife in the dreams we have while aliv


Dzooqua (Doll), Tsagaglala Petroglyph and the Cauldron of the Cailleach 

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