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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

Be determined.
Hold your ground.
Set firm boundaries.  b2ap3_thumbnail_96526939_2647503432128529_2268132917181939712_o.jpg
Be sharp when necessary.
Be sweet when you can be.
Bloom proudly,
or quietly,
it is up to you.
Have fortitude of skin
and tenacity of reach.
Don’t give up.
Mind the edges.
Wait for the right time.
Focus on the task at hand.
Be diligent in seeking opportunity.
Listen to the shadows and the wind.
Celebrate both rain and sun.
Keep company with those
who tend to the thriving of things.
Be patient.
Trust the ripening.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Recently I found a post written in 2015, a crystal meditation from my Crystal Guide, Venus. I know it will be very helpful to everyone now, even these five years later. 

I find it surprising that I was feeling many of the same emotions and energies back then that I am feeling now. Specifically, as I said then: "I am definitely feeling the ramped-up energies from [...] the general chaos of the incoming vibrations. I have been feeling behind, pressured and like the world is spinning a little too fast for me to keep up at times. Physically I am feeling a little dizzy and high."

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 8: Fenris

Fenris the wolf is the son of Loki and Angrboda. In the Lore he is prophesied to help destroy the world at Ragnarok, so the gods bind him.

Fireverse Fenris and Jormungandr have beast shapes because Loki is a shape shifter. In the Fireverse, Odin is aware of the prophecy about Fenris, and that is the main reason he gives Fenris to Tyr and Zisa to raise, to try to keep Fenris under control. Zisa already has an affinity for dogs because Fireverse Zisa is the same goddess as Nehallenia. Tyr and Zisa raise Fenris in their home as their foster son. It is a great tragedy when the gods decide Fenris has gotten too big—in the way that Ymir got too big, so that allowing him to keep growing would mean he would eventually eat the whole universe—and they decided to bind Fenris. The main person behind the decision to act when they did was Odin. Fenris regards his binding as a betrayal by his father figure Tyr. Fenris still loves Zisa but he is permanently mad at Tyr. Zisa still feeds Fenris; she catches fish in her nets in her fishing boat (she no longer sails her war boat) and brings them to his island where he is bound and she dumps her nets out on the beach, where he can just reach them.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Dispatch from a City on Fire

Paganistan is burning.

I wake at 3:30. As is my wont, I make my rounds through the dark house.

From the back, I can see the smoke, livid red. Opening the door, I smell the smell of things not meant to burn, hear the unmistakable sound of a large fire.

I put on my clothes and go out. Two men, drunk, are sitting on the sidewalk across the street. One of them calls out to me, incoherently. I turn the corner onto Lake Street, artery of fire through the heart of the pagan neighborhood.

I walk toward the fire. Two blocks away, the auto parts store is burning.

Suddenly I'm filled with a bright red fury at all the breakers of the world. It takes months to carve a beautiful statue, only a few seconds to smash it.

I turn back towards home. Looters are coming out of the Somali adult day care center across Lake Street.

Back in the house, I dial 911.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 7: Eir

Fireverse Eir is pretty much as described in lore: lives on a mountain, teaches healing to women, and her colors are green and copper.  In my story, no one can overrule Eir when she’s giving doctor’s orders, not even the king. I’m not sure if that’s gnosis or a result of my unconscious cultural expectations about the authority of doctors.

Outside the Fireverse, I get the impression that Eir doesn't want offerings just because. I'm not that close to her, but I got close enough at one point for her to tell me if I kept offering her things when I didn't have an immediate medical need right then that I was going to have to enter her service and become a doctor. I was already a godspouse at that time so I asked outright if that meant I would have to leave my godspouse relationship and she said yes, so I declined her generous offer as politely as I could. From then on, I only offer her things when I need something right at that moment, and I usually toast her with ginger ale. She had indicated to me that the reason she doesn’t want to be invited a lot of times without an immediate need is simply because she is very busy.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
The MMP Pantheon: The Goddess Antheia

This is one in a series of posts about the MMP pantheon. Find the full list of the whole series here.

Up this week: the goddess Antheia, one of the triplicity of goddesses who are daughters of the Three Mothers in the MMP pantheon. You can read about the other two daughter goddesses: Ariadne and Arachne. And of course, the Mothers have sons as well. We'll get to them as we move along in this series.

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Energy Healing With Color: Chakra Magic

Color is a form of energy that can be broken down by individual vibrations. We use colors in our homes and at work to affect moods. The right colors can calm, energize, or even romanticize a setting. Colors promote many desired states of being. Anyone using color is tuning in to the vibration frequency of that particular color. Some psychics have the skills and training to read your aura; they can literally see the energy radiating out from your body.

 Other colors not in the spectrum or chakra exist in crystals and stones, and are significant in their own right: brown, gray, black, white, silver, and gold.

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