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SageWoman Blogs

At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we're devoted to celebrating your journey. We invite you to subscribe today and join our circle...

Here in the SageWoman section of PaganSquare, our bloggers represent the multi-faceted expressions of the Goddess, feminist, and women's spirituality movements.

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Year's End Dark Moon

Hasn't 2018 been the oddest year energetically? It has felt both overfull and stop and start. Old routines and ventures appear to be coming to the end. Or at least need to go fallow for a year. Meanwhile, what is beginning is also a bit lame and halt. Nothing is quite what it seems to be. Or at least that is what this crone divines.

We have just passed the night of the dark moon at the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In our rural fastness,without street lighting, night is very tarry at this time of year. And so, too, at this dark moon did my knees and bones complain and beg to rest. 2018 has been exhausting,personally and collectively.

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Signs of Spring

It’s December, and here in the UK that means grey skies, dampness, cold conditions, bare branches... it would seem like madness to be talking about signs of spring.

Except that I can see them.

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  • Meredith Everwhite
    Meredith Everwhite says #
    Very well put, Nimue...thank you for so beautifully sharing a technically obvious but very frequently overlooked and unconsidered
Cerridwen, Goddess of Transformation, Inspiration and Knowledge

Cerridwen (kEH rihd wehn), Dark Goddess of Transformation, Inspiration, and Knowledge is best known as the mother of Taliesen, the greatest of all the Welsh poets. But her story is much older and her powers run deep. 

Cerridwen (White Sow or White Crafty One) has many other names: Dark Moon Goddess, Great Mother, White Lady of Inspiration and Death,Goddess of Nature, and Grain Goddess. She rules the realms of death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magic, enchantment, and knowledge.

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A Prayer for Guidance Through the Darkness
Wild Woman, push us into the cauldron, swirling us into the darkest depths of the earth. Let us emerge with mud in our hair, snails on our feet, and lichen on our arms. Let owls, ravens, and starlings fly in our wake---wolves, cats, and snakes follow our footsteps. Let our spines become as thick and strong as the redwood.
Our power is endless. Our strength is staggering. Our creativity has no boundaries. Our possibilities are limitless.
--Yancy Lael, in We'Moon, 2015
Each year, in November and December, I keenly feel the twin pulls of the season: retreat/hibernate/rest + b2ap3_thumbnail_46988926_2223096544569222_3151678586994294784_o.jpgsocialize/plan/do/go/create/explore. This year is no exception, except for this time I feel like I was ready for it--ready to feel, and accept, the twin pulls. Ready to build in as much self-care and down time as I possibly can, while also recognizing that a temporary break from the usual practices that sustain me is okay and it isn't permanent.

From the Womanrunes deck I drew the Reflection, rune of surrender. This is a rune of sacrifice, releasing, and letting go. It reminds us that sometimes we have to get battered against the shore to become something new, something finely textured and soft. It reminds us that surrender isn’t permanent…it can be about wise discernment, knowing when to hold and when to fold, and when to walk away.
What wants to be released? What wants to be freed? What is waiting for you to unclench your fists, your life, and float?
I drew a card from the Goddess Oracle deck and received the White Tara, sensitivity. This card asks us to acknowledge and listen to our own sensitivity to environments, people, things, fragrances, relationships. Your sensitivity may feel heightened lately and you may feel fragile or emotionally overwhelmed. Steer clearb2ap3_thumbnail_47089105_2227864297425780_5617713946384400384_o.jpg of that which your body tells you to avoid. Be tender with your heart.

And, from the Sacred Traveler Oracle we received Miracles, reminding us to expect the wondrous to emerge.
The dark season challenges us to surrender to our dreaming, to trust that the strength of the earth will support our weight as we sleep.
It is out of the darkness that flowers eventually emerge, babies are born, and inspiration for poetry and ideas are nurtured toward the page and through our voices.
In the deep, dark places in ourselves, we find the inner truth about ourselves. In this winter season of so many people prematurely rushing toward the light, remember to slow down and do Winter’s inner work.
Celebrate the dark, where the inner life is honored and nurtured. One is made confident that the seed of light, sown in the womb of the dark, will grow, and in its appropriate season, bloom.

Inviting you to take a sacred pause. To lay it all down for a few moments.
To breathe.
To consider.
To be still.
And, then,
in the quiet space
within your own heart,
let your own wisdom bubble up...
You are courageous and daring and you know what you need.

Affirmation for the month: I release, I let go. I honor my sensitivity and I breathe into the miracle of this moment.
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  • Meredith Everwhite
    Meredith Everwhite says #
    This is so beautiful, relevant and helpful right now, thank you so much. I'm so excited to have discovered your wonderful Womanrun
  • Molly
    Molly says #
    Thanks for commenting! I love your mantra for this time. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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Expressing Gratitude for Small Blessings

          "Take nothing for granted." The complete stranger who spoke these words looked into my eyes; the elderly woman's expression was earnest. She told me several more things and then vanished into the crowd waiting in the vestibule of the Cathedral of St. John in New York. I was there to see a pageant I was to take part in at another time. Her words made a strong impression on me and some forty plus years later still have. I didn't make the connection then, but later I understood its application to the practice of gratitude.

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  • Tasha Halpert
    Tasha Halpert says #
    You are both most kind and I appreciate the supportive words, warmest wishes, Tasha
  • Mark Green
    Mark Green says #
    Yes! Gratitude is a human quality we can carry in our hearts, and in so doing, we enjoy our lives more, are happier, and appreciat
  • Tyger
    Tyger says #
    What a fine concept! As a non-theist Pagan, I always assumed that gratitude required belief in a deity, but it is just as easy to

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Hecate's Eve

A friend had to remind me that yesterday was Hecate's Eve. As a crone I love Hecate,her dogs and crossroads, her ways and means, her lantern light. I wrote several poems back in 2016 when I was participating in Joana Colbert Powell's 30 Days of Hecate e-course. It was a wonderful way to stay sane in what was a momentous year for me - getting married, turning 60, my croning ceremony.

And just prior to that croning ceremony I wasin Knaresborough, Yorkshire at Mother Shipton's Cave. It was there I realised that, along with Biddy Early, that she was one of my croning confirmation sponsors. She lived in a cave in the King's Woods and prophesied. She is an Anglophone Hecate made flesh. Here cave is really very, very, woo-woo!

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  • Hearth M Rising
    Hearth M Rising says #
    So pretty!

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Awakening My Wild!

I call to the wild
The soft
The brutal
The power within.

I move with grace
And strength
My blade readied
To pierce the veils
Of the unjust.

I speak my words
I create and I destroy
Each an expression
Of my true nature.

I run in the woods
I fly in the stormy skies
I dive into inescapable waters
I stalk my prey in the stone
Constructs of the civilized.

I am relentless
I am beauty
I am the reflection
Of all that is of the light
And all that coalesces in the darkness.

I am the Divine Feminine
You cannot turn away
You cannot hide from my Truth
Because I am all that you
Aspire to be.

I always feel renewed and empowered at this time of the year. I am a daughter of the cold and wintry world and this is when I come alive and awaken all of my senses to the world around me. This is also the time when I renew my commitment to the Divine Feminine and exploration of HER wild nature. This year, in particular has been difficult for many women given the political agendas and the fear of losing precious legal ground that has seen the sacrifice of many women’s privacy and power in gaining.

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