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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

Local Magic is location-specific magic. It's the magic you can make, and feel, in the place where you live. Of course, where we live isn't always where we ideally want to be living, and the landscape isn't always the one that calls to our heart. Perhaps we prefer to create magic and ritual indoors, imagining we are really in Avalon, or an Egyptian temple, or the forests of our childhood. This can be a powerful magic, with the weight of our yearning, our imagination or our history bound up in it. And yet Local Magic - the type that happens specifically where you live, and happens only there, has its own allure.

Local Magic can teach you not just about locality, wherever you find yourself but it will also teach you about the nature of magic; specifically Pagan magic. Unless you happen to find yourself living in a temple complex, or on an ancient sacred site, the magic you will learn to participate in with Local Magic will be of the natural variety. It will concern the types of soil, rock, trees, birds and animals, airs and waters, skies and moods of the place where you live. Previous learnings, such as herbalism, astronomy, trance, working with deity can all be alive in Local Magic but there will be one great difference.

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  • Susan B. Chandler
    Susan B. Chandler says #
    Thank you so much for this post! There is a trail to which I am repeatedly drawn and one day while sitting in one of its quiet pla
  • Michelle Simkins
    Michelle Simkins says #
    Yes. So very much yes! There's nothing like really connecting with where you are, and drawing your spiritual practice and magic fr
  • Gwion Raven
    Gwion Raven says #
    Oh Jane Meredith! I so love this blog post. Many years ago, when I began my journey into magic, one of my first teachers told me t

Posted by on in Culture Blogs
The Element of Water: May You Never Thirst

This is the third of a series of posts about how I relate to the elements in the Southern Hemisphere living on the western coast of Australia; this time, we are going To Dare and explore the element of Water. Previously, I called in Fire, in the North.

I've always wanted to be a mermaid. There was just something so appealing about it. I never actually watched The Little Mermaid as a child, weirdly enough as a kid who grew up in the 1980s and 90s, that boat sailed right by me. However I have always been enchanted by the 'seaside', and I have lived within a short drive or a short walk away from the beach my whole life. I am lucky enough to be on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean, and have ready access to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. I used to run down to the beach in the hot summers as a lanky 14 year old with my body board in tow and the waves I used to catch when I was by myself makes me shake my head with bewilderment today. Somewhere I found my fear as an adult; perhaps it was one too many times getting dumped by the waves into the harsh sandbar.

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The Element of Fire: Passion, Creation and Ignition

This is the second of my series of posts on how I connect to the elements from a Southern Hemisphere perspective living on the western coast of Australia. Previously, I called in Air, in the East.

I now turn to the North, and call in passion, creation, desire, heat: I call to you, o Fire! Standing in the circle, we have already established a sense of presence in the breath of life, the whisper is on the winds, the intention is set, the inspiration has arrived. Fire is called next as it now has the Air to breathe, to ignite a sense of drive into what we do in this space, a flurry of sparks: let's turn that whisper into a roar. 

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  • Jamie
    Jamie says #
    Ms. Pike, I always appreciate to read about the Pagan sense of place, and how it affects local reverence for the Gods and spirits
My first lesson in magic - The Elements Song

Recently I wrote about the role music played in how I became a Pagan. I ended my story with the summer solstice of 2012, which marks the beginning of my Pagan path. The feeling of having come home, so familiar to many Pagans, took me by surprise that night and has stayed with me ever since.


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  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn says #
    This is a beautiful story, Annika! Congrats on having such an amazing experience!
  • Annika Mongan
    Annika Mongan says #
    I'd have to have a recording first, but once I do, I'll post a link :-)
  • Gwion Raven
    Gwion Raven says #
    I've had the pleasure to hear you sing this song around a fire. I'd love if there was a link you could post so others could hear i

Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Out of my Element

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am,in fact, a Fire sign. I relate to fire easier than I do to any other element. My roommate has even told me that the reason I sweat and overheat so much in the summertime is because I carry so much fire power inside of me. I crave time in front of a fire built in a pit or a cauldron. To me, fire represents passion and wildness and strength.

Don't get me wrong...I have always cherished all the other elements in their own way, and I know that as witches we can tend to want to use that old parental saying, “I love all of them equally.” For me, though, I kept them compartmentalized. Fire, being my primary focus, became the main element of my focus. Earth became second because of my love for gardening and the ability for it to essentially create from what seemed to be nothing. Air was third due to my love of birds and craving for spirit knowledge. Last on the list was water. For some reason, I saw water as the weakest of the elements. This wasn't something that I did intentionally....but it just progressively became a way of thinking for me. I saw water as calming, healing and unobtrusive.....kind of like the Clark Kent of elements. It seemed to always be the last element acknowledged in any of my rituals and the one to whom I paid the least attention.....until quite recently.

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Gathas: A Practice to Connect with the Elements

Imagine . . . warm garden soil pressing between your toes, a gentle breeze caressing your face, luscious fruits ripening on the vine, sparkling dew drops decorating a spider’s web

Connect . . . with all the ways that earth, air, fire, water show up to sustain your daily life and life on Earth

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  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham says #
    Lovely! Thank you for your wonderful reminder to be mindful!
  • Ashling Kelly
    Ashling Kelly says #
    I kind of like the idea of reminders, mini-focusers through the day. I think this is something to try.

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