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Two Paths Diverge: A Parting Ritual for Mutual Healing

Maintaining a healthy balance in your friendships is essential. Occasionally, a friendship takes on an unhealthy aspect and there is no choice but to leave it behind. Ideally you will perform this rite after you have discussed it with this person. It will be mutually healing if it can take place with both parties present, but as often as not, you will perform it alone. You will need a black candle for protection, a gray candle to help you keep a low profile, and frankincense incense. You will also need a sharp knife and a length of cord three feet long. Light the incense, and holding your right hand aloft, say:

May the place this night

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An Oil Blend For Friendship

This blend of oils can be used for anointing candles and dabbing pulse points. It contains oils for the four directions, representing alliance, and will strengthen the bond between you and your friends. To create the blend, have a get-together with some of your best friends.

You will need the following essential oils:

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Quarrel Cure Magic Potion

Friends have their differences, but that should never stand in the way of continuing to grow together. In fact, we are attracted to our friends because they are different from us, and in some ways, they complete us. Here is a recipe to keep your friendship quarrel-free.

Over a low flame, stir together a scrambled egg, three cherries, and a pinch of powdered clove and nutmeg. Add a slice of peach and two tablespoons of peach juice.

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Message in a Bottle: Peacemaking Spell

If you and a friend have argued and you want to heal the wound, try this simple spell. It is remarkably effective and can even be used for bigger issues, such as an anti-war spell.

If you have a letter or even a printed e-mail from your friend discussing the conflict, roll it on a scroll, place it in a green glass bottle, and cork the bottle. If you don’t have such a document, write one. During the waning moon, take the bottle to a river or ocean at low tide. Draw a heart on the outside of the bottle with a permanent marker, then toss it gently into the water so it won’t break.

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Friendship Is Love, Too

Helping a jilted friend get over a bad relationship is good medicine, which can be therapeutic for you, as well. For example, a wonderful male coworker of mine was dumped unceremoniously by a woman he had been seeing for two years. He quickly went into a deep depression, and my heart went out to him. I felt compelled to help. I knew my friend walked to work each day, so I decided to let the cleansing winds work a little magic on his behalf.

At the nearest florist I bought two long-stemmed white roses. I took the petals from one and mixed them with a cup of aromatic lavender. I blessed the concoction, chanting:

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Closening the Ties That Bind

You can further empower your friendship amulets by knotting them in accordance with the laws of magic. If the cord binding your bags is knotted nine sacred times, you will have increased greatly the power of the spell. Nine is the number of idealism, altruism, generosity, tolerance, and sacrifice. Here is a rhyme to recite as you bind:

By knot of one, the spell is begun.
By knot of two, it comes true.
By knot of three, so mote it be.
By knot of four, ’tis strengthened more.
By knot of five, the magic is alive. 
By knot of six, this spell shall I fix.
By knot of seven, the planets in heaven.
By knot of eight, I have sealed my fate.
By knot of nine, this work is divine.
So shall it be.

You can also make a magic knotted cord to tie around a paper scroll. On the paper might be a written desire, a spell, or a wish expressed to a friend in a letter.

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Poppet Power Charm

Everyone has heard of voodoo dolls, but poppets are not nearly as well known. Sewn of plain muslin or linen, a poppet is simply an herb- or cotton-stuffed head, tied with string or threaded about the neck. It can be used to charm, protect, or even heal a friend. You can add something that represents your friend—red yarn if your friend is lucky enough to be a redhead, for example. Your poppet can be placed on your altar and can be the beneficiary of any number of charms or spells of your design.

Take dried sage, a plain muslin square, and a white string to create a “head.” Tie the doll’s neck securely so she doesn’t lose her head, so to speak. Pin or sew charms representing the good fortune you wish for your friend—coins for money, a heart-shaped patch for love, a sun for luck and happiness, a pyramid or moon for wisdom, whatever suits you. Feel free to use your imagination, and remember to use this only for positive results. (To wish harm has a karmic price you do not want to pay!)

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