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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Movement Dreams: Airplanes

Airplanes are dream symbols that are often associated with journeys—sometimes spiritual, emotional, or literal. An airplane appearing in your dream can be a sign that you are progressing or moving up in some area of your life. It might also be a sign that it’s time to get a new project “off the ground.” If you’ve been sitting on any big plans for your future, perhaps it’s time to start putting them into action. This dream can also be about exploring your freedom and trying out new experiences. Pay attention to the state of the plane and how it could relate to events in your life. If the plane is delayed or stuck, it might mean that there is something you’ve been looking forward to that hasn’t become a reality yet or some plans that have been put off. It may be that you are afraid to take the next steps to follow through with those plans.

If you’re in a plane crash in your dream, that might represent a failed project or something you were looking forward to that didn’t work out in the end. It can also be a sign that although you have set high goals for yourself, you are afraid that your efforts will result in failure. Like falling dreams, this can also be a sign that you feel like you are losing control.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Movement Dreams: Dancing

Dance is a way to express yourself that, in our dreams, can symbolize things like freedom, joy, and passion. If you’re dancing in your dream, your subconscious might be encouraging you to set yourself free and relax. Think about your waking life and what sort of situations might be putting pressure on you. If you feel like your individuality is being stifled or you are overwhelming yourself with too many obligations like school activities, work, clubs, etc., this dream might be your subconscious telling you to live a little. It’s okay to let go and let loose. Let your creativity flow —you will start to feel much happier once you do!

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When You’re Asleep, You Can Fly: Movement Dreams

I look forward to flying dreams, as I feel so empowered by them! I feel like a superhero who can go anywhere I want. I am sure you have similar dreams and enjoy the sensation of being like a bird, or even like a god or goddess as you swoop around the sky. Dreams like these, as well as other movement-related dreams, can give you very important clues about your own personal power. Enjoy!

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Dreams: Being Lost

Dreaming about getting lost somewhere might be a sign from your subconscious that you have lost direction in your waking life. Perhaps you feel like you don’t quite fit in at school or maybe you just feel like you are somewhere you don’t really belong. Maybe you’ve surrounded yourself with people that don’t suit you, or you’re trying to adjust to new surroundings. Because your body and mind are taking time to adapt to these changes, those feelings of being “lost” find their way into your dreams. It’s also possible that you have realized that the path you are on is leading you somewhere that you don’t want to go. Maybe you are being pressured by friends or family to do something that isn’t right for you. Maybe you joined a new after-school club that’s not really your thing. You could be pushing yourself to be someone you’re not so that you can please the authority figures in your life or fit in better at school, and because of this, you’ve started to lose some of your sense of self.

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Tips ’n’ Tricks: Dream Crystals

Thomas Edison carried quartz crystals with him at all times and called the stones his dream crystals. He believed they inspired his ideas and inventions. Literary legends George Sand and William Butler Yeats also relied on crystals to help spark their considerable creativity.

Data has also been gathered to show the effectiveness of quartz in certain healing techniques, such as chakra therapy, acupressure, and light-ray therapy, as we will discuss in depth later. But the simplest way to promote healing with crystal is to wear a stone.

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Dreams: Having Surgery or an Operation

Dreams about surgery can be scary, but often, they’re related to personal healing. If the dream doesn’t have to do with some outside factors (like you or a friend undergoing surgery in real life), then it is probably a teaching moment. Think about what sort of surgery you are having in your dream, and what things might be bothering you in your waking life that need to be cut out. Surgeries are meant to help you, not hurt you, and in the same way, this dream may be encouraging you to get rid of something unhealthy from your life. Even if the separation is uncomfortable, scary, or painful, it will be better for your physical and emotional well-being in the long run. If you have been struggling with feelings of anxiety in your life, or just general distress, consider what the source might be and what parts of that you can change or carve out of your life. Trust me—it will be a wonderful, cleansing process!

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Dreams: You Are Guilty of a Crime

Dreaming that you’re guilty of a crime can be a sign that you are feeling bad about a mistake you made when you were awake. Think about your actions and interactions in the real world. Have you done anything recently that could have hurt one of your friends in some way? Offend Perhaps you said something that offended a family member? If you know you have done something wrong, this dream could also be a sign that you are afraid of the consequences of your actions. Those consequences will catch up to you sooner or later, so it’s time for you to own up to them and make things right.

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