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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
New Moon, New Friends

When I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know a soul, but I used this tried-and-true trick to fill my life with friends.

On the first Friday after a new moon (Freya’s Day, which is ruled by Venus, is ideal for fun, love, flirtation, gossip, and good times), light amber incense. Anoint yourself with amber oil and dance around, arms flung out and upward. Say aloud:

I call upon you, friend Freya,
to fill my life with live and joy. I call upon you, Goddess,
to bring unto me that which I enjoy
in the form of people, wise and kind.
This I ask and give thanks for; blessed be.
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Is it time to Shimmer? (New Moon in Virgo Blessings!)

New Moon in Virgo Energy Check-In
wiser now.

I welcome my gods, my guides, my loves, my friends in
to share this
with me.

Spreading HOPE
and blessings.

Beautiful You.

Luv Always,
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader & Artist

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
New Moon Love Connection
If you are looking for love, perform this rite and you will soon find a lover to satisfy your needs. On the night of the next new moon, take two pieces of a pink or red crystalrose quartz will do nicelyand place them on the floor in the center of your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have two garnets of rough rubies or pink tourmaline, by all means use two of those heart stones.
Light one pink and one red candle and speak this love and life- affirming chant:

Beautiful crystal I hold this night,

Flame with love for my delight,

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Balm for the Spirit: DIY Healing Salve

Any body or herbal oil can be turned into a salve with the addition of wax. When the moon is waxing is especially a perfect time for spiritual growth. The ratio for a body salve is three ounces coconut oil to one ounce of beeswax. If you have a pot of the herb rosemary, pick some fresh leafy stems and crush. Take a fresh lemon, peel it and grind the peel in your mortar and pestle until broken up into fine little pieces. Mix the rosemary and lemon peel together and give one last grind. Use a double boiler to heat the oil slowly and wax until completely melted. Test the viscosity of your salve by pouring a dab onto a cold plate. If satisfied with the consistency, pour off into jars to cool. If you need to add more wax, now is the time to do it.

Balms are simply salves with the addition of essential oils. Add two drops of eucalyptus essential oil and two drops of lemon oil when mix is still warm. Sprinkle in the finely crushed rosemary and lemon peel into the mix, stir well and seal to preserve the aroma. This balm will have a wonderfully calming effect anytime you use it, and can be rubbed on your temples when you need to reduce stress. It is also really good for your skin. I recommend Sunday night baths, where you slather on the balm before stepping into a hot bath. Take a washcloth and massage your skin, then lie back and relax for twenty minutes. When you drain the tub, your stress will also empty out and you can start your week afresh and ready to handle anything that comes your way.

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How To Be Empowered and Validated at the New Moon

Dear Moon Muser,
Just because we're almost out of the Covid Cave (at least in California) it's now more ever that we need self care.

During a New Moon it is the best time of the moonth to set your intentions for the entire month.

During this current Cancer New Moon on July 9 we are experiencing a Mothering Moon, ruled by Cancer the Crab; the Mother, the Nurturer, and the Father, the Protector as the Moon is seen as male in some cultures.

I'm not a therapist, I'm a soul reader. A soul reading is self care, as is therapy.

In therapy you do most of the talking. In a reading you mostly listen and immerse yourself in remembering and practicing self care in the form of deep listening, energy healing and often guided meditation and visualization exercises to help you:

who you are and what YOU need.

In a soul reading, unlike therapy the 6th sense of intuition, psychic knowing and messages from other lifetimes, ancestors and spirit guides IS welcome and not a sign of craziness but EMPOWERMENT.

Because I have experience in these realms I can facilitate the process in a SAFE and loving way.

Why me? Like a duck to water I found this soul-guiding work and I knew I was home.

For it is here I can speak the language of the Heart, lean into my favorite colors since I was a child; the colors PINK and GREEN, the colors of the heart chakra, the colors of love.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe
Temecula, California

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Dark Moon Magic: Symbol Writing

If you wish to make direct contact with your subconscious, here is a way to see through the veil between two worlds and enter the recesses of your mind. At any herbal store or metaphysical shop, obtain dried mugwort, dried patchouli or wormwood. The latter is a bit harder to come by, but worth the try.

Crumble any one of these herbs between your hands until it is gently ground into an almost-powdery consistency. Pour the herb into a baking pan. Make sure the crumbled herb dust is evenly spread over the surface of the pan.

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Unwind, Relax and Sink into a Taurus New Moon Soul Reading

Dear Moon Muser,

Let us be grateful for one another on this Taurus New Moon and take it easy with ourselves, no pressure, just relax into this message and this museletter as a self-love-letter, just for you. Please also enjoy this wee 14 second video of my magickal Taurus altar.

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