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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
An Invitation to Cast a Caim

Crisises. Take your pick, we aren’t running out of them any time soon. 

War / Climate breakdown / political instability / social injustices / economic inequality/ people escaping war and oppression seeking asylum / food insecurity / access to healthcare / violence against women and girls / violence against trans people …

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Dreams: You are Being Watched

If you’re having dreams about being watched, that can be a sign that you feel like you can’t relax because of all the expectations that are being placed on you. It might be time to set some boundaries. You deserve your privacy, and shouldn’t have to feel like every little thing you are doing is being judged. It is also possible that something is bothering you that you can’t seem to get out of your head -- maybe a comment someone made about you or an awkward moment you wish you could do over. Protect yourself and pay attention to the energies that are clinging to you.

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Privacy Magic: Banish Space Invaders

Is your office mate overly interested in your conversations with your mom? Do you have nosy neighbors or a nightmare roommate? Combat other people’s cluelessness with crystals! If you have problems with the people next door, place jet at your door or bury it by the fence. If you have an intrusive housemate or guest, place jet on the mantle or bookshelves and wear jet jewelry to take back your personal space straightaway. This is a wonderfully respectful and peacekeeping way to honor your need for solitude that harms no one. Use this spell anytime you need protection from “space invaders.” Nosy people are often lonely so, when the time is right, offer a cup of tea and a chat and you will be doubtless rewarded for your largesse tenfold. Kindness is a very powerful magic.

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Archangel Protection Rite: Angelica Hex Breaker

Whenever you are going through a hard time or have fears for your family, try this ritual. Angelica, also called the “Heavenly Guardian Flower,” is said to first bloom on Archangel Michael’s name day. This positive plant is part of the carrot family and is a tall, hollow-stemmed plant with umbrella-shaped clusters of pale white flowers, tinged with green. Candying the stalks in sugar was an old-fashioned favorite, and was also traditionally used to cure colds and relieve coughs. Nowadays, seeds are used to make chartreuse, a digestive and uniquely tasty liqueur. This guardian flower is a protector, as one might expect for a plant associated with archangels, and is used to reverse curses, break hexes and fend off negative energies. Drying and curing the root is a traditional talisman, and it can be carried in your pocket or in an amulet to bring a long life. Many a wise woman has used angelica leaves in baths and spellwork to rid a household of dark spirits. If the bad energy is intense, burn the angelica leaves with frankincense to exorcise them from your space. While you are protecting yourself and your home from negativity during this angelica smudging session, you will also experience heightened psychism. Pay close attention to your dreams after this; important messages will come through.

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Protection Charm

Protection charm


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Good Witch v. Bad Witch: Looking After Baby
Dear GW/BW

I need some help. I need advice on a protection spell. I fear someone may be trying to manipulate people and things to try to take my child away and I want to take every possible precaution.

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Rites of Spring: German Easter Traditions

Osterfeuer in Rugen, Wikimedia Commons

While the word Easter has long been used to denote the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ, I see no problem also using it to refer to the pagan holiday celebrating the return of spring. Aside from the secular aspects of contemporary Easter traditions that are less focused on resurrection and salvation and more on fertility – eggs, rabbits, chicks, etc. – the very word Easter is pre-Christian in origin (the original Christian holiday name is the Hebrew Paschal).

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