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Magic of the Sea

“I’m fascinated by the sea but can only visit the shore on infrequent occasions.  How can I use these energies for magical working when I’m at home?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.” FC (Derbys)

I’ve just been watching the DVD of The Blue Planet and it’s been a constant reminder of just how much of a magical and mystical hold the sea retains over us.  The filmed sequences of the Deep in particular were evocative of the pathworkings I’d created for Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore – and remains the least known of all the ocean habitats.  And, like the psychic realms we visit during pathworking, it is also an eerie world where strange creatures play hide and seek and where predators with massive teeth lurk in the darkness … waiting.

Closer to the surface, however, the sea and shore can provide us with most of the equipment the sea-witch needs for magical working.  On the beach, the high-water mark is evident by the line of material left behind by the retreating waves, and often a depository for pebbles forced inland from deeper waters by the winter storms.  It is here that we are more than likely to find other items that could be used in our rituals.  How about this simple chant to help find something suitable?


Power of the Tides, Power of the Deep

Have you a gift for me to keep?

 The pebbles of a shingle beach are almost devoid of water and, ground together by the waves, would soon crush and destroy any living things but at the high-water mark there are all manner of treasures to be found that can be utilised as amulets and working tools.

Rock pools are another result of the sea’s relentless assault on the shore.  The resulting rock pools range from a shallow basin to a deep lagoon, and each one is a complete world on its own, whether the tide is in or out.  Only when the surface is perfectly calm does the sea give clear reflections; outside the pool the surface is broken by waves and ripples that produce a shimmer of light.  It is the rock pool itself that reflects the magical adage:

                                                         As above, so below

 because in the rock pool above the tide, the ocean below the water margin is encapsulated in miniature.


The glare of sunshine on the sea can be painfully dazzling, but the gentle glow of moonbeams on waves has a beautiful, calming effect.  It naturally follows that using the reflection of the moon in a rock pool creates a wonderfully magical environment in which to work.   Unfortunately, it is now no longer safe, for a sea-witch to wander around deserted coves alone after dark to pursue his or her magical Path. There are alternatives and while not being ideal, both offer an opportunity to skry with seawater by the light of the moon.

Go down to the beach in the company of two or three friends on a moonlit night.  One can take the opportunity for some skrying work while the others keep watch.  It is much easier to work if you’re not keeping half a mind on someone creeping up in the dark.  

Take a large container of seawater home with you (or create your own brine by using sea salt) and using a large dark coloured bowl, try skrying outside in the moonlight.  With the right garden and atmosphere, this might be the most appropriate, especially if you don’t have easy or regular access to the sea.


Whichever method you choose, empty your mind of everything else and focus on the reflection of the moon in the water and the object of your quest.  Like all methods of divination, skrying will bring about different results for different people.  Some may see images in the water, or on the periphery of their vision.  Others may receive a response in terms of sensation or impression, rather than imagery.  Remember, there is no right and wrong way, and it may also take several attempts before you manage to get on to your contacts. Skrying, like all other aspects of magic, comes easier for some than others.


Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore is published by Moon Books.

ISBN: 978-1-84694-426-0  Price £9.99/US$16.95  : Facebook:
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Mélusine Draco originally trained in the magical arts of traditional British Old Craft with Bob and Mériém Clay-Egerton. She has been a magical and spiritual instructor for over 20 years with Arcanum and the Temple of Khem, and writer of numerous popular books on magic and witchcraft. Her highly individualistic teaching methods and writing draws on ancient sources, supported by academic texts and current archaeological findings.


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