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Each New Moon I analyze the chart for that day to help focus intentions to flow with that planetary energy, thus increasing their potency.

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New Moon in Libra - Oct. 4

 It's the first day of October as I write. Here in New Hampshire I'm starting to see (for my first time) the colors in the trees just starting to change. Nine days ago was the Fall Equinox, the beginning of Libra's time in the astrological spotlight. And now our October New Moon takes her powerful place (at 11 degrees Libra) on the 4th, at 8:35 PM EDT.


Staying in tune to the Moon's cyclical rhythms helps us ground emotionally and spiritually. In the three-day period of the New Moon it's good to picture life slowing down and offering us a chance to go deeper, to take some quiet time to reflect on where we are. This is valuable because it seems that insights and intentions seem to have more power at this phase. 


So what is Libra's energy all about? Ruled by Venus, Libra is always looking for balance and harmony, especially in relationships of all kinds. They are the peacemakers, the diplomats, the ones who try to reconcile opposites. And so this is the kind of focus and energy that sweeps in like a fresh breeze at this time. 


How am I doing on the scales of my personal needs vs. those of loved ones, or of taking action based on my personal values and beliefs vs. trying to be all things to others so they will appreciate me? And how much time do I reserve for exploring/really encountering the natural beauty around me? Do I allow time for artful expression, which can be a doorway to contact with higher energies?


If you plan to set intention on the New Moon these kinds of questions can spark you to find your way to your own core issues. I suggest locating 11 degrees of Libra on your natal chart to discover which of the 12 houses it falls into. If it should be the 7th, the House of Marriage, then this would be a clear indicator that the issues of balance between self and other could use a looking at. For me this degree of Libra falls in my 8th House. I will be looking for ways to bring more harmony into the way I share myself and my resources with others, both on the giving and the receiving ends.


When choosing an image for this month's blog I looked for a card image in my Soul Speak Oracle Deck that reflected the energy of Venus.


On the New Moon's chart Mercury is in Scorpio and will remain there for 2 more months. This give us all a chance to open our minds to hidden truths. During this period we have a strong ability to understand the unstated motives of others. We may feel a renewed desire to experience a deeper level of honesty and vulnerability in our close relationships. There is a retrograde period from October 21 to November 10 which could make looking inward even more fruitful.


Saturn is still in Scorpio (now 9 degrees) and won't be done with this sign's energy until 2015, so those of us who are feeling the effects by House placement or transit will just have to find more patience and willingness to learn whatever it is Saturn is showing us. For each of us there is some area of our lives that feels slower. This lack of forward motion helps us to see more in present-time. Many are experiencing a desire to cut out waste and a livened appreciation of things that are useful in nature. On the deepest level Saturn, the task master, is always encouraging us to take more responsibility for ourselves, our health, the state of our energy level, our emotions, our attitude. 


It's helpful to know where this transit is located by House. Some possible Scorpio issues are: fear of loss of control, fear of sharing ourselves with others, fear of loss of support from someone we have relied on in the past. What do we do when we feel overwhelmed with our own negative emotions? Do we have a strategy that allows our feelings to be acknowledged, at least to ourselves? Do we trust that feelings are always an opportunity for knowing ourselves more honestly? 


Now that the days are becoming shorter than our nights we know we are heading towards the dark time of winter. I once read some author referring to this dark time as "the fruitful darkness." Sounds a bit dramatic but it emphasizes the positive aspect of the dark. Autumn is only the cusp of this dark season but we start to anticipate it now. I will try, as the season progresses, to add a positive spin on this phase of the yearly cycle.    




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Kate Cartwright is a fine art painter and illustrator, an astrologer and a passionate summer gardener. In May 2013 she relocated to Portsmouth, NH  from Taos, New Mexico, to live near her daughter and granddaughters. Kate has devoted much of her artistic focus on the Goddess for the past 20 years. She can accommodate readers interested in astrology chart analysis via Skype.


  • Dave Tolan
    Dave Tolan Saturday, 02 November 2013

    Thank you for this, we love your insights and observations.

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