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Firefly (Lightning Bug) Family: Recapture the Wonder

World-wide, people have marveled at the flashing lights of fireflies on warm nights. These beetles are called many names: blinkies, glowworms, moon bugs, and lightning bugs. All these names reflect the quality of fireflies’ bioluminescence to communicate.

These remarkable insects have the most efficient light in the world. Their “cold light” consists of the luciferase enzyme which acts on the luciferin in the presence of magnesium, ATP, and oxygen. The adults flash to speak with each other and to find mates. Even firefly eggs and larvae glow, as a warning to predators. They tell predators that they taste lousy.

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The Burning Times and the “War on Terror”

[Image from]


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  • Ariel Aron
    Ariel Aron says #
    I am so glad that you said this. I agree with you totally, and thank for the book recommendation. I am always speaking out on my s
  • Cairril Adaire
    Cairril Adaire says #
    Thank you, Ariel, for your thoughtful words. I agree that we have to connect the dots. Feel free to share the post! Blessings.

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Have You Seen Me Lately?

It has been far too long since I posted here, and I have no great excuses for that..... although I did manage to delete my entire hard drive AND Sense8 was cancelled..... so that was a perfect storm.

Although writing is a long time love of mine, painting is really my thing, although I have to write in my professional career, which also keeps me quite busy. Like everyone watching the national radar, it has been difficult keeping my spirits up, but I am blessed to belong to several communities that show me every day that there is still much to hope for.

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"Wonder is a gift of living. Living is a gift of wonder."

--Anne Wilson Schaef

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Witch's Teats

Hey you: witch.

How many nipples do you have?

Back in the Bad Old Days, the received wisdom was that witches have more than two. That's so we can suckle our imps.

Those of us with a Classical education, of course, think immediately of Diana of Ephesus, goddess of witches, with her ample endowments (polymasteia: the state of having many breasts). Of course, Many-breasted Earth feeds us all to this very day.

But I highly doubt that that's what the witch-finders had in mind. Humans have two nipples, animals have many. It's a comment on the witch's intrinsically bestial nature.

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  • Tasha Halpert
    Tasha Halpert says #
    Giggle, giggle!

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Starry Night: Minoan Astronomy

Like many other ancient cultures, the Minoans were accomplished astronomers. Their mythology, their artifacts, and their architecture reflect their fascination with the lights that moved through the night sky as well as the brightest sky-light of all, the Sun. As so many other societies around the world have done, they incorporated this astronomical knowledge into their mythology and thus their spiritual practice.

With the Great American Eclipse just a couple of days ago, I began thinking about the Minoans' ability to predict eclipses. There is some contention that this stone die found near Palaikastro is an eclipse calculator:

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Building Community is Bigger Than Our Congregations

The ATC Mother Church exists in a small, mountain, town. People out this way care about their community. They want to make sure that it remains the place where they want to raise their children, relax, and grow old. In 1979 when we opened our doors, Snohomish County was much as it is today. The farms stretch down the highway leading up to the foothills of the mountains. The closer you get to Stevens Pass, the more isolated the communities become, and the more they depend on one another. There could be a localized disaster that cuts a community off from the outside world for days at a time. The people out here need to know that they can depend on each other.

"It isn't until we start helping our local communities that we will stop being seen as those witches down the street." Rev. Terry M. Riley, HP Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC

The ATC found out the importance of connecting with our community early on. Our founder Pierre "Pete Pathfinder" Davis began his work as a politician, and he brought that need to create systems, and take care of the people in his world, with him. He was instrumental in keeping a post office in our little mountain town. He led the way to getting a new fire truck for our first response, mountain, fire department. Pete designed the towns emergency sand bag response system for river breeches, and took care of our fur babies as Index's Animal Catcher. When he passed away many people from the town called us to ask us if we knew how to keep taking care of everyone in the way that Pete did, and could they have memorabilia for the town museum. 

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  • Thesseli
    Thesseli says #
    This is an excellent article, something we all need to consider -- no matter what faith we practice.

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