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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

The summer is a busy time for White Mountain Druid Sanctuary.  Covid 19 has cancelled most of the Trout Lake Abbey events (which includes the Mt. Adams Zen Temple), but Kirk Thomas has still been working hard on adding to the grounds.  Much of the work only requires one person, so he has been doing a lot himself. Let’s look at the Shrines to the Dagda and the Morrigan.  They have mostly been complete for years, but there have been some finishing touches added.  About a year ago, signs were added so people could read about who these deities are.


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Soothe Your Stress With Essential Oils

Turn to these scentful helpmates to help you deal with anxiety, respiratory ailments, headaches and so much more. Sure, they smell good and even feel good on your skin but how do they really work to ameliorate depression, anxiety, lungs, heart rate, skin conditions and so many other issues? A German study conducted by Ruhr University found that “essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function." Essential oils are unique in that they can be both a stimulant and soothing for us humans. The same oil can have cause a different response based on the application as these oils are adaptogens, as they truly adapt to the your individual needs. If you are feeling down in the dumps, for example, bergamot can be a major pick me up and one I have depended on for years. My clients and I have come to depend on the power of these natural healers for dealing with stress, anxiety, worry and woe.


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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

First there was Brexit: the departure of Britain from the European Union.

Then there was Grexit: the proposed departure of Greece from the EU.

So what would you call it if all the witches of Europe threatened to hop broom and fly?

What else but Hexit?

Now, why would the witches of Europe threaten to leave Eurostan, for the first time in human history, witchless?

(Witchless. Now there's an adjective for you.)

Well, not being a European witch myself, I couldn't say. EU-wide recognition as an indigenous people with a right to our own ways and religious practice? Return of all properties historically associated with witches?

Whatever the reason, the results could, of course, only be catastrophic. With no witches left to turn the Wheel, the climate-change-induced meteorological extremes that we're currently experiencing would look like a picnic in the park by comparison. Certainly agricultural output could be expected to plummet disastrously.

So look out Europe. If you think Brexit is a mess, just wait till Hexit.

And just where would all those hundreds of thousands of European witches go if Hexit were indeed to become a reality?

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

The Magic of Sunflower

(Helianthus annuus)

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Thinking of Kim
Thinking of Kim
When I look up at Jupiter and Saturn, moving together in the evening sky, I think of Kim Welch. When I see the Sun rise over the trees, I think of Kim Welch. When I see the New Moon, open to the early evening sky, I think of Kim Welch.
About a month ago, my phone rang, and Kim’s number showed up. When I answered it, it was not Kim, and I knew something was very wrong. Kim had died the night before and his sister-in-law was calling with the news. When I hung up the telephone after a brief conversation, I felt rather hollow inside.
I first met Kim in 1992. He was being elevated and I was presiding at the ritual. We met again in 1995. We were being ordained together and we were getting together for a ritual to celebrate the occasion. I had never met Kim before, but I had written to him via email. He was even more enthusiastic in person and we d to keep in touch.
I would email or talk to Kim on occasion over the years, but I never had the opportunity to see him again until a few years ago. I am not sure why we got together again. That reason isn’t important; that we got together again is the important point.
Kim and Molly first joined ADF in 2007. When they rejoined, a few years ago, it was nice to be back together again. We decided to go to ritual together as soon as we could and that ended up being Pan Pagan 2019. We decided to stay at the Astoria Inn in Knox, Indiana and we proceeded to spend much of the next few days together at festival, at meals, and at times in between.
The one thing that struck me about Kim was his depth of understanding and his great passion for the things of beauty in his life: his wife, Molly, his dog, Hopscotch, his studies, and his practice. Even though our paths had crossed many years before, we were still on the same page with our practices and our understandings in the now.
When I sat back and thought about it, more than a generation had passed since Kim and I stood together in that ritual space where we were joined in common purpose and pursuit. The passage of time may have cost us some immediacy, but the time we spent together made it seem as though we stepped from the decades past directly into the present moment.
We spoke from time to time after Pan Pagan and planned on our next reunion. We discussed ogham, teachings, future directions, and future moments together. That meeting was just within our grasps. He was so excited for the work that he was doing, for the world around him, for the days ahead. I planned to make Pan Pagan our annual reunion, as it had once been in years long passed.
Sometimes, our reach and our grasp are unable to hold anything substantial, just what may have been.
There were a few projects that we had discussed, and I think I will follow through on several of those and maybe create a few new ones based upon ideas that Kim gave to me.
After Kim’s passing, it took me some time for me to come to term with his death. It still did not seem real, but, sadly, it was. After several weeks, I added Kim’s name to the list of my mentors, my teachers, my Sacred Allies, and my dearest companions on the path. I say his name every morning now, during my morning devotionals, and I feel his presence around me as an amazing blessing.
I wrote a prayer for those who pass, and I dedicate it to Kim.
A Leaf Falls
A leaf falls,
In the spring;
Young leaf,
Palest of green,
Quickly you fall to earth,
Gently you land.
The Earth Mother
Welcomes you home:
Earth Mother,
Hold them in your hands.
A leaf drops,
In the summer,
Green leaf,
Full of life,
You drift to earth,
Gently you land,
The Earth Mother
Breathes in your name:
Earth Mother,
Hold them in your heart.
A leaf spins,
Clockwise in the autumn,
Leaf of green and yellow,
Touched by the Sun,
Called to the earth,
Gently you land,
The Earth Mother
Cushions your fall:
Earth Mother,
Hold them in your broad fields.
A leaf rustles,
Separated from a branch,
A long-time friend,
Weathered by time
Falls to earth in silence,
Gently you land,
The Earth Mother
Becomes one with you:
Earth Mother,
Hold them close to you.
When I find myself in the company of trees, I think of Kim Welch. When I listen, I hear the trees call his name.
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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

Winters here are rough.


The photo shows one of the last tiny harvests before the cold locks me indoors for too many days.


In the jar is lemon balm—wee clippings from the very top of the plant, since the lower leaves are already weathered beyond use. Likewise, the jar holds a mere five inches of nettle leaves and nettle seeds from the top of a stalk.


The harvest also includes gorgeously dark peppermint and some fuzzy, pale mint. The square-stemmed plant is ready to assault my tongue with glory, if there’s enough mint in the jar to storm my tastebuds. If not, a more gentle mint taste will sweeten and enliven the tea blend. 

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Herbs of Abundance: Grow Prosperity Herbs

As a kitchen witch and gardening enthusiast, I am always seeking to learn more about the power of herbs, plants, roots and flowers can be used in the craft. Grow your wealth, literally with these handy herbs:

Allspice berries bring good luck; gather 7 berries and place in a small pouch to carry in your pocket or purse for a week, On the 7th day, burn them with cinnamon incense while making your wish for whatever you want.

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