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Blood Wedding

In this season of the Fathers and Mothers, one last ancestral tale, before we descend into Darkness.

His name, ironically, was Charlie Coward, and they say he was seven feet tall. It was he that made the Blood Marriage with the Land, and so we are Americans today.

In my family's Long Memory, his is the oldest name remembered in full. The oldest of all—but his given name is long forgotten—would be that Cow Herd whose name his descendants still bear.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_isis_horus_20141129-225317_1.jpgWhen I was about nine, my grandfather took a welding torch and created for my church a tall stand on which to set the Advent wreath in the sanctuary.  We had magnificent holly bushes in our yard, so my mother and I each year cut piles of dark, prickly leaves and red berries, then built the wreath ourselves.  None of my friends seemed to have ever heard of Advent, so I thought it was just for Lutherans.  The sermon each of the four weeks before Christmas kept our minds trained on the spiritual significance of the season, and a paper Advent calendar at home with little doors to open each day made me think maybe I should pay attention to it all. 

Nowadays I ponder the iconic maternal images of Mary and Isis, seasonally superimposed one on the other.  Each of them experienced difficult transitions to motherhood. Each struggled to hide her son away from those who would snuff out his life.  Each had enough protective magic to earn them the titles Queen of Heaven and Mother of God. 

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Exploring the Vanic Virtues: Serenity, Part Three

Rather than talk about my own personal views on serenity, I am going to quote from the chapter "The Compass Rose" in my book Voices of Vanaheim, where following a fiery meltdown and some intense soul-searching, the current King talks about wyrd and acceptance; his words echo my own feelings on the matter:

I had started to find a sense of acceptance. In the chaos, there was order. In the random upheavals, there was a pattern. Breaking and rebuilding, breaking and rebuilding, until the structure was sound, shaped just the right way; a serpent shedding its skin again and again, until it had just the perfect combination of colors in the light. My life was a tree being pruned until the fruit was just right… just the way wyrd wanted it. As much as it sucked sometimes – as much as sometimes [expletive] just happened, because [expletive] happens, like the abuse my twin endured – it was [expletive] to fertilize that tree. 

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  • Nornoriel Lokason
    Nornoriel Lokason says #
    Yes. I have to agree. D (spirit companion) is fond of telling me that panic is the opposite of productivity, also.
  • Sable Aradia
    Sable Aradia says #
    I think that Serenity is the most difficult virtue to cultivate of the ones you have covered so far. I certainly struggle with it

Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Shrinking Noses

The last few years have seen several notable losses in the world of modern Paganism. These "Big Nose Pagans" or "Big Name Pagans" have been the cornerstone of the Pagan pop culture and literary movement for many decades.

We have lost Margot Adler, Isaac Bonewitz, Stewart Farrar and Doreen Valiente just to name a few since I have become a Pagan. Not to mention some members of the new Pagan media like David Grega and Peter Paddon.

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Video shared by on in Culture Blogs

For Tuatha Dea, one-upping the success of the music video for "Long Black Curl" is a hard act to follow, but they pull it off with the second video from the Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae album, "Wisp of a Thing."


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  • Ivo Dominguez Jr
    Ivo Dominguez Jr says #
    I'm a fan of both Tuatha Dea and Alex Bledsoe so this is a perfect blend for me. If you'd like to see Tuatha Dea and support the N

b2ap3_thumbnail_serenity.jpgFor each of the Vanic virtues, I plan on writing something on how Vanic pagans can better incorporate these virtues into their daily lives, living Vanatru.  So with the fourth virtue, Serenity, here is a list of suggestions (not demands, I am not interested in telling people what to do) of activities to better express this virtue:

-If you're not already in the habit of doing so, a regular meditation practice can be helpful.  This does not have to be the traditional "empty your mind and think of nothing" or "focus on your breathing", but can be something like meditating on a picture (such as a mandala) or one of the elements (like running water or the flame of a candle), or discursive meditation (a practice of thinking about a particular subject, especially something you've read, and jotting down where it takes you mentally, your thoughts surrounding it).

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