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head_Sierra-Black_wp-22Live a Pagan life, and your children will, too.

My five-year-old has lost her shoes, again. We’ve searched up, down, and in-between looking for them, but they’re nowhere to be found. Finally, she comes up with an idea: “Put a strawberry under a glass, Mommy! That will bring my shoes back!”

In our house, if you want to find a lost object, you offer a treat to the resident fey for help finding it. My husband does this by dangling a ripe, fresh strawberry around the kitchen for a few minutes while calling to the fey, and then trapping the berry under a glass. When we get our stuff back, he promises, you can have the berry.

We get a strawberry from the garden, and my girl does the same trick she’s seen her dad do; and a few minutes later, her shoes turn up in the middle of the dining room floor.

Often, when we’re at community gatherings, people comment on how knowledgeable my little Witches are about magic and the Craft. Even my mom has noted — with a mix of awe and discomfort — that my kids can manifest parking spaces in the most crowded places.

“How do you teach them?” is a question I field all the time; often followed by guesses about what kind of curriculum we use, or how often I sit them down to study spellwork.

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