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Finding Faerie in a Post-Modern World


It’s a hot August day in Eugene, Oregon. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and there is a hint of magic in the air. Crows call overhead in the lush green trees, their harsh voices adding to the cacophony coming from the swirling crowds. Sylphs in diaphanous beribboned gowns dance with pixies in striped stockings and sparkling wings of every hue. Wooly-legged, bare-chested fauns compare horns with dark sprites wearing lacy black corsets and wicked leather boots. On-stage, a Green Man in vivid leafy rags introduces the next performer while a roving jester juggles fragile glass balls; a satyr on ten foot tall stilts navigates deftly among the dancers as a rainbow-clad goddess makes her way through the audience. Tiny babies dressed as bumblebees and lady-bugs nap contentedly on patchwork quilts and blankets. Their mothers braid ribbons and yarn into each other’s hair and chat with passersby who stop to admire their adorable infants.

Welcome to Faerieworlds, one of the largest and most popular festivals dedicated to the celebration of all the lands of Faerie.

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