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Crappy to Happy, Small Steps to Big Happiness Now!

Crappy to Happy, Small Steps to Big Happiness Now!
by Randy Peyser
Red Wheel/Weiser


Crappy to Happy is helpful, entertaining, and often intriguing. The author illustrates her steps to happiness with poignant, sometimes painful stories from her own life. Written with wit and wisdom, this book can either be read straight through from beginning to end or dipped into to gain insight or assistance when needed.

You may wish to keep it in the bathroom and read little bits at odd moments, or on the bedside table for times of need. I especially like the way the author begins each chapter with an illustrative story from her own life and follows it with relevant, practical suggestions of ways to improve your attitude as well as your life circumstances.

My criticisms are minor: I would have liked an index that would refer you to the appropriate “steps to happiness,” via some kind of overview of what is being addressed. I also think the book would have benefited by being shorter; there seems to be enough material for two books packed into one. Although there is a great deal of useful information, the sheer volume could be overwhelming to some readers. However, if you read it in bits you won’t encounter that aspect.

Basing her act on the material in this book, Randy Peyser has gone from writer to stand-up comic. Visit her web site, for a taste. Some of her stories are funny enough to make them worth the price of the book.


RATING: 3 ½ Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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