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Butterfly Messiah
interviewed by Dean Jones 

One of Paganism’s new breed of darker, edgier bands, Butterfly Messiah, began in 1998 when Robert Davis (percussion) and Shannon Garson (vocals) merged their individual styles into one elusive and captivating aesthetic. Soon joined by Josh Harrington (keyboards), the threesome developed songs that span the genres of EBM, Ambient and Synthpop to create a sound that cannot be put in any simple pigeonhole. We caught up with the busy band to ask them about their music, their faith and the crossroads between the two.

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Creating Beauty with Regan High Priestess

Creating Beauty with Regan High Priestess
interview by Michael Night Sky,
photography by Michael Helms styling by Octavia Moon 

Regan High Priestess was looking forward to a comfortable future; well on her way to completing a degree in Computer Information Systems, she could have had her choice of lucrative high-tech jobs. Then, one evening she found herself in the audience of Cirque du Soleil’s Mystére, and her world turned upside-down. As she sat weeping at the beauty of the performance, she realized her true vocation. “I realized that I had to follow my calling — a calling to create beauty in the world.” Returning home, she changed her major to music. At first her parents were alarmed; concerned about Regan forsaking computer science for a career in the arts. But they supported her choice, and later she went on to obtain a graduate degree in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California.

Regan’s persistence was rewarded: her work has appeared in trailers for films including Team America and The New World, and her powerful stage presence and intense, sensuous music has won rave reviews from both Pagan and non-Pagan audiences at such venues as Burning Man and Pantheacon. We connected with Regan recently to discuss her spirituality, art, and how she connects the two.

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Songs of Naka Peida

Songs of Naka Peida
by Peggy Green
The Orchard


I can’t stress enough how much I love this CD.

It just brings so many beautiful images to mind along with the liquid gentleness in the guitar’s voice. The lazy movement of chords reminds me of a cross between Folk and Blues, with the added touch of silvery snow that Green’s solo playing conveys.

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Selfportrait VIII: Introspection

Selfportrait VIII:  
by Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Horizon Music


Horizon Music publishes a selection of music similar to New Age/easy listening/techno material but with more character. This is not just another album full of earcandy; Introspection is dedicated to the victims of terrorism, wars, and other battles in the world.

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Sequoia Records, Inc.


Buddha-Lounge, a best selling record in Europe, uses multi-cultural rhythms to create an intriguing album from various international new-age artists.

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by Deva Premal
White Swan Music


This new CD by Deval Premal is good, but it doesn’t rise to the level of her previous album, The Essence. Her current work is better as background music, and sounds like a cross between Kenny G, Bruce Hornsby and Robert Gass (with a female voice).

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