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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Movement Dreams: Climbing Uphill

An uphill climb is usually related to some kind of struggle in your waking life. This dream could involve a hill, a mountain, a ladder, etc. How steep the climb is and how much difficulty you have making it can be a reflection of similar circumstances in your waking life. If the climb is really difficult, it could be that the obstacle you are facing or the thing you hope to achieve is turning out to be more than you bargained for. You might be trying to grow your circle of friends, join a team or club, or reach some other new goal. If it feels like things are going too slowly, maybe you need to step back and evaluate the situation and come up with a better path to get you to where you want to be. Success is in your future if you approach it the right way.

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When You’re Asleep, You Can Fly: Movement Dreams

I look forward to flying dreams, as I feel so empowered by them! I feel like a superhero who can go anywhere I want. I am sure you have similar dreams and enjoy the sensation of being like a bird, or even like a god or goddess as you swoop around the sky. Dreams like these, as well as other movement-related dreams, can give you very important clues about your own personal power. Enjoy!

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Dreams: Losing Something

Having dreams about losing something is similar to having dreams about being lost. There is probably something missing from your waking life, or something that you are feeling insecure about. Usually the thing you have lost is important, so when are trying to interpret the dream, it’s key to figuring out what you’re missing. The lost object can be a symbol for a lot of different things. For example, someone dreaming about losing their locker combination could be a sign that they are feeling insecure about a something related to school- one of your classes, perhaps. Dreaming about losing your wallet could be a sign that you aren’t being careful with your money. You might be spending your money too recklessly and not saving any for the future. Pay attention to the object that you lost in your dream and think about what kinds of things you associate with that object. If it’s a pencil, that could be related to study, intelligence, or creativity. Keys could symbolize a feeling of security or privacy. Shoes can relate to travel, motivation, and a sense of purpose. This dream will mean something different depending on your lost item, how you feel about that item, and how you think the item can connect to events in your waking life.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Dreams of Getting Trapped or Crushed

If you are having dreams about being crushed under something, trapped in an elevator, or confined in any way, it’s probably a sign from your subconscious that there is something in your waking life that is holding you back. If you’re struggling with school, have hit a rough patch in a friendship or relationship, or just feel stuck in a rut, these feelings of frustration can translate into dreams of being literally trapped. Try to identify anything in your waking life that is holding you back. Is it some old belief systems? Relationships you’ve grown out of but are afraid to let go of? Recognizing that it’s there is the first step to moving on and creating space for yourself to grow.

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Dreams on Drowning

Dreams about drowning can be interpreted a few different ways. The most common interpretation is that you are feeling overwhelmed. If there are too many things happening in your life, you may feel like you can hardly take a breath. You might be afraid of losing control. Anything from deadlines or, a heavy homework load, to friend or family drama, or responsibilities at home can make you feel trapped. If things in your waking life feel hopeless, this dream can be a sign that you have hit a dead end. Water as a dream symbol is associated with emotion, so think about the feelings that are bogging you down in life and what steps you can take to let go of some of the pressure you’re feeling.

On a more positive note, this dream can also symbolize rebirth which means some exciting changes are ahead. Perhaps you want to take up a new hobby or learn a new language. A new friend in your life is also a positive change. Or, you might want to sign up for a fun extracurricular activity at school. This will help you get there!

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Dreams: Failing a Test

Taking a test in a dream is often a sign of a challenge in your waking life, something that has put you under pressure or that is causing the people in your life to analyze you. Perhaps you actually have an upcoming exam in real life that is causing you anxiety, or maybe the “test” in your dream is a representation of some other trial you have had to face. Tests often symbolize being unprepared, and can reflect anxiety for the future as well as guilt about the past. Did you back down from a challenge?. There may be another lying in wait for you. In these dreams, people often find they feel like they are running out of time, or they can’t understand the questions, or their pencil keeps breaking and preventing them from finishing the test.

The feelings you experience while taking the test in your dream can reflect your confidence in your waking life. If you are failing a test or wallowing in the fear of failing, you may be struggling with self-esteem. You likely have all the tools you need to succeed, but are selling yourself short, or you are setting goals that are too high, and, as a result, you fear not being able to meet your own standards.

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Somebody (or Something) is Chasing You

This is one of the most common—and most frightening—dreams you can have. It’s the sort of chest-pounding, heart-stopping dream that makes you shoot up out of bed, right before the chaser lays their hands (or claws) on you. This dream has to do with feelings of stress and anxiety in a person’s waking life. It can be the result of your brain’s fight or flight in response to something that is threatening your well- being. Some things you will want to notice in your dream are who or what is chasing you, how you are feeling in the dream, and whether you escape whatever is chasing you.

Chase dreams are also associated with avoidance. A chase dream can mean that you are running from something in your waking life. It could be a situation you don’t want to deal with, a person you need to hold accountable, or a fear that needs to be confronted. Probably, the things that happen in this dream indicate how you cope when problems and pressures come your way. If you know the person chasing you in your dream, it’s possible that you have an ongoing issue with that person in reality. The chaser can also represent some part of yourself or some feelings that you have been keeping down. Let your intuition guide you—chances are you already know what this dream is trying to tell you, you just need to confront the truth. It’s time to stop hiding. Once you face the thing you’ve been avoiding, you will have much more peace of mind.

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