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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Vessel of Abundance

Having an attitude of gratitude lends a sense of satisfaction and generosity of spirit that will ease your way through the world. Here’s a supremely easy way to give and receive by acknowledging what you already have.

Take the prettiest and biggest glass bowl, vase, or jar you can find, and place it on a hallway table or somewhere you pass every time you enter your house. Light a green candle beside it and chant to charge the candle with your intention:

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Declare Your Radiance and Claim Your Potential

Throughout your practice, make sure to maintain a sense of personal abundance and acknowledge the great spirit within you. Be grateful for your body and for your health. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably naked, and drop all self-criticism. Concentrate on your real beauty and envelop yourself with unconditional self-love. Wrap your arms around yourself as you say:

In Her/His image, I too, am a Goddess/God.

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To Attract Blessings We Unite: A Full Moon Rite

Here is a beautifully simple way to attract money and blessings to you and your circle. Be sure to pass on some of the good fortune that has shone on you in order to keep the flow of abundance in circulation. This ritual is most effective performed at midnight on a full moon. This ritual is intended to be performed in a group, so you will need to gather together companions with whom you are spiritually in tune. Ask each of the participants to bring a green candle with their name scratched into the wax. Find the biggest green candle you can get and light it at the stroke of midnight.

Ask each ritualist to step forward and say their name, lighting their candle from the large one. Pray aloud:

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For Wealth and Abundance: Giving Gratitude to Lord Jove

You should not be surprised to find another Thursday prosperity spell in this chapter, as this is the perfect day for invoking wealth and success! On any Thursday, or optimally, one occurring on a new moon, light your altar candle at midnight and burn frankincense and myrrh incense. Make an offering of a golden fruit such as apples or peaches to Jupiter, and anoint your third eye with a corresponding essential oil, such as myrrh, frankincense, apple, or peach.

Pray aloud:

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Your Prosperity Altar: Invoking Heavenly Bounties

You already know that your altar is the nexus of your magical powers, but it can also be a medium through which you give gifts to the Roman god of abundance, Jupiter, also known as Jove. Jupiter is a rain and thunder deity who also controls fertility. He will rain abundance down upon you if you gain his favor through ritual observance. His “jovial” qualities include leadership, jollity, generosity, expansiveness, and a royal manner. Your middle finger is your Jupiter finger, and you can also increase your fortunes by leaving a ring on your altar overnight and then placing it on the middle finger of either hand. Ideally, for the best result, it will be a green or gold stone such as peridot, tourmaline, or citrine.

If you can find a statue or bust of Jove, you should place this symbol on the right side of the altar accompanied by the image of an eagle, which is the ideal prosperity altar emblem, as the eagle is Jupiter’s bird totem. The eagles of Rome and America are this royal bird of the king of gods. Lapis lazuli, the beautiful blue stone beloved of the Egyptians, is also sacred to Jupiter. The alchemical symbol for this stone is the astrological sign of Jupiter in reverse, and the blue of the lapis stone is associated with the blue of the sky god. You can increase your prosperity by remembering one of its most basic principles: By giving, so shall you receive.

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Blessings for Home and Harmony

On a low table or chest of your choosing, place a forest green scarf and a brown candle to represent your family. Add lovely objects that you have found around your home and garden: a special fallen leaf, ocean- carved driftwood, lacey dried lichen, smooth stones, or whatever your heart desires. It is of utmost importance to add a bouquet of wildflowers native to your area that you have gathered close to your home or purchased locally. This bouquet will help integrate your home into your neighborhood and the geographic area in which you live. If possible, add a sweetly scented sachet of potpourri made from your home kitchen garden: rosemary, lavender, thyme, and mint, all of which imbue your space with positive energy. Add personal mementos like photos or a locket with a photo of your spouse and children.

Burn your favorite essential oils, the ones that create an aura of instant comfort for you, such as vanilla, cinnamon, or sweet orange neroli in an oil lamp. Finally, anoint the brown candle while concentrating on peace and bliss surrounding your home. Chant:

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

This is a story about how I manifested something I truly desired. It's a model of how I manifest things, which you may or may not want to try. It's so simple it sounds like it's not even magic, but it's definitely magical.

Back in the 90s, I had bought myself a set of silverware. Yes, I know, lol, "the sort of person who buys their own silver" haha, not very classy, but I was moving into an apartment in Las Vegas and needed my own things. (I had the money to buy things and and move to Vegas to start a business because my dad had died.) So anyway-- my own things that were better than what I'd had in my college apartment, that is. Now, there was a time when it was assumed that a woman in her 20s starting her household would not need to buy major housewares because she would get them as wedding gifts. For those who still move into their first place when they get married, fine, "you do you" as the young people say these days, but that wasn't me lol. So anyway, I picked out a really beautiful pattern and I loved it and then a few years later, after I had gotten so sick with PCOS that I had had to close my bookstore and was unable to work, I ended up having to sell the silver. I got better eventually, and gradually put my life back together, and went on to have success at other things, but from time to time, I still missed my silver. Silly, I know. What with everything else, what's a few spoons? But I did miss it. For decades. Occasionally.

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