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Pagan News Network: So, Boss Warlock, you've decided to join the already-crowded field of Republican contenders for President in 2024?

Boss Warlock: Hey, everyone else is running. I figure, why not me too?

PNN: But you're not a Republican.

BW: No, but the Warlock Campaign has a secret weapon. Haven't you ever heard of a selective-seeing spell? Trust me, the Republicans won't even notice.

Of course, we are talking belt and suspenders here. Republicans aren't exactly noted for being perceptive, you know.

PNN: Boss Warlock, you've never held public office before. You're a writer, a blogger, and an advice columnist. To be quite frank, you have zero qualifications for the job. How does that work?

BW: You're asking me this question post-Tr*mp? Seriously?

PNN: Point taken. Alright, recalibrating. Umm: what qualifies you to be President of the United States?

BW: Remember, Deer Stands Up, we're not talking about being President, but about running for President. Those are two different skill-sets entirely. But as to that:

1. I may not be particularly beautiful, but for a man of my age I've got a great body—if you like 'em lean—and a cute little butt. Americans always go for looks over substance.

2. I figure, if you can run a ritual, you can probably run a country.

3. Best of all, I'm really charismatic. As we all know, when it comes to politics, Americans will choose charisma over competence any day of the lunar month.

PNN: Considering the importance of the Evangelical vote, isn't your open paganism a liability?

BW: No, no, we've got that all figured out. The Boss Warlock for President Campaign plans to target Evangelicals specifically.

PNN: How?

BW: Well, they're all going to assume that I'm the Antichrist, right? By the way, did you know that that's Witherchrist in Witch? You know: wither as in withershins.

PNN: That's right, you're a word guy.

BW: Yep. Hey, digressions are inherent in polytheism.

PNN: But back to the Evangelical vote.

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Minnesota's 'I Voted' stickers: The tale you never knew


It's my first time working as an election judge for the city of Minneapolis. (Election Day: now there's a Samhain ritual for you.) Through the course of the day, I see lots of familiar pagan faces at the poll.

This, of course, is only to be expected: being the opinionated people that we are, pagans are much given to voting. This, moreover, is the pagan neighborhood, and me a longtime resident thereof.

I'm working the front door, greeting people and directing them, when a man that I don't know strides in, sporting a jaunty pentagram. It's always gratifying to be reminded that, no, I don't in fact know every pagan that lives in south Minneapolis.

“Blessed be,” I say.

Over the covid mask, he quirks an eyebrow.

“We are everywhere,” he intones.

“Everywhere,” I echo, and point him toward the sign-in table.

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I early voted back on October 7th. There was no line.

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Searching for Normalcy in November

This is a very stressful time for many of us. The news inundates us every day to remind us just how stressed we are right now in 2020. We've certainly had enough to contend with this year, but so many things seem to be riding on the outcome of our presidential election on November 3rd. That this level of stress could stretch on for days after tomorrow almost feels unbearable.

I was fortunate to share an insightful chat with Mary Ellen Pride recently, who will be my next featured guest on November's "Women Who Howl at the Moon" podcast. Mary Ellen was voted as "Milwaukee's Best Psychic" in the Shepherd Express for 6 years in a row. She has over 40 years of professional experience and was a leader in the California-based group, Covenant of the Goddess, with which prolific author and activist, Starhawk, is affiliated.

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Make Election Day a National Holiday

Election Day should be a national holiday.

This year, with its hotly-contested Midterm Elections, it certainly seemed like one, moreso than any other Election Day that I can remember. I even got an Election Day card from a friend.

And it's what the ancestors did.

In the Old Days, people from all over Ireland converged in Tara for Samhain. There they did what the Tribe always does when it gets together: they worshiped, feasted, and politicked.

Why is Election Day when it is? For the same reason that Samhain is when it is. The harvest is in, the animals are back from the summer pastures. With the work of the growing season over, there's time to get together to do the necessary work of the People before winter closes in and shuts down travel.

In this sense, I would contend that Election Day is, in effect, a latter-day descendant of Samhain.

There was no Halloween in colonial America. Halloween was a Catholic holiday, and there were few Catholics in early America. But there was Guys Fawkes' Day, the 5th of November, which replaced Halloween in post-Reformation England and inherited many of the older holiday's customs, such as bonfires. After the Revolution, Guy Fawkes' Day became a feria non grata in the United States, but Election Day took its place.

Back when, Election Day even used to be a Bonfire holiday.

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The Devil's Christianity: An Open Letter to the Evangelical Christians of America

Dear Nazzes:

During the 2016 US Presidential election, you voted overwhelmingly—against the recommendations of much of your leadership—for an immoral, lying cheat named Donald Trump.

At the apocalyptic climax of your co-religionist Chris Walley's Lamb Among the Stars novels, the Angel of the Lord explains:

Listen while I tell you the real truth....[Satan's] hope was not for the triumph of the Dominion [ = the Satanic kingdom], but for the rise of a fallen Assembly. An Assembly of hatred and malice; an Assembly of men and women...prepared to use any means and any power to win. He sought the Dark Assembly.

Note that the Greek word ekklêsía, “church,” literally means assembly. In Walley's novels, the Assembly is Christianity, the Church.

I.e. that's you he's talking about. You are the Dark Assembly. Yours is the Devil's Christianity.

So congratulations.

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  • Dragon Dancer
    Dragon Dancer says #

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The Very Fine Art of Protest

The Art of Protest and Protest Art

Get Up, Stand Up
Stand Up For Your Rights
Get Up, Stand Up
Don’t Give Up the Fight
- Peter Tosh

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  • Dragon Dancer
    Dragon Dancer says #
    Desperately needed sentiment and powerful artwork! Thank you for sharing, for encouraging.
  • Helena
    Helena says #
    Thank you so much!

Women and the feminine were a major but not decisive thread in the presidential campaign that elected Donald Trump Nov 8. Not only was his behavior and words regarding women execrable, he was running against one. In terms of the popular vote, she won. In terms of the electoral vote, which gives the advantage to small rural states because they elect two Senators and so have two additional votes no matter how tiny their population, she lost. More specifically, Clinton won in the cities and lost in rural areas. She won the most votes but not in the countryside.

And the nature of this difference is a clue to one of the most important long term trends this election revealed.

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  • J'Karrah
    J'Karrah says #
    Fascinating article. Thank you
  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I'm slowly making my way through "The Coming of the Cosmic Christ" by Matthew Fox. He writes a lot about mysticism and the divine

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