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Summon by the Light of the New Moon: A New Vocation Spell

The new moon is an excellent time for ritual, especially when your focus is on bringing new things into your life, such as a job change. If you’re seeking employment, try out the following ritual to manifest your desires. Get your supplies out:

• 2 green candles

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Flame of Love: A New Moon Candle Spell

If you are looking for love, perform this rite and you will soon find a lover to satisfy your needs. On the night of the next new moon, take two pieces of a pink or red crystal—rose quartz will do nicely—and place them on the floor in the center of your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have two garnets, rough rubies, or pink tourmalines, by all means use two of those heart stones.

Light one pink and one red candle and speak this love and life-affirming chant:

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New Moon, New Attitude

With ushering in the New Moon on Friday the 19th, comes the opportunity for new possibilities. Meditate during this waxing moon phase about what that means to you, exactly. Whether you’ve been wanting to try a new look fashion-wise or give a room in your home a new makeover, sometimes a fresh perspective is all that’s needed to brush off those lingering winter doldrums and doubt, once and for all. It could go deeper, though.

How New Do You Want to Get?

 Search your heart. Have you been wanting to radically change some bad habits, behaviors, or patterns of thought that no longer serve any purpose for you whatsoever? Some of these old go-tos can actually hold us back from embracing a new, stronger, truer self. When you meditate, see what comes to you instinctively, first and foremost. Ask, what is high time that I left in the dust in my life?

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Tips ’n’ Tricks: Sowing the Seeds of Change

Nature is the ultimate creator. Get an array of seed packets, and plant newness in your life. If your thumb is not the greenest, I suggest nasturtiums, which will grow in any soil and seem to thrive on neglect.

On a new-moon day, draw a square in your yard or planter with a natural wand—a willow branch or an oak stick, for example—and mark each corner with a candle and a stone:

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There's a New Moon in Virgo

It's Time to Get Serious

There’s a New Moon in Virgo this Saturday and much weirdness afoot for Aries planetary influences. As I mentioned in my recent “Women Who Howl at the Moon” minipod, this latter development that actually occurred on August 20th, has old fiery Mars getting comfy in Gemini for the next seven months! To give you a little better perspective on this, Mars typically only stays in one place for two months tops, which could lead to some interesting developments between now and late March of 2023.

For one thing, Gemini as we know, loves to gab, and socialize. However Gemini is also known for multi-tasking and having many irons in the fire at once. Throw Mars in the mix and you could wind up with a lot of scattered energies and distractions, if you’re not mindful. What we can do is tap into that practical, cautious, and detail-oriented energy of steadfast Virgo to help us ride this phase out. Stay the course, do an “internal inventory,” to weed out the unnecessary stuff, as suggested on Yes Virgo can be irksome with its nagging and nitpicking, but it also can assist in keeping us focused and patient with the tasks at hand.

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Cancer New Moon Soul Reading

It’s time again to set your intentions for the moonth ahead with the help of these Cancerian inspired paintings from my five hand painted oracle decks. So, take some time and space to recharge your batteries for this New Moon. Enjoy a soul reading below with guidebook wisdom from the cards.

Cancerian Goddess: Circe

Circe lured sailor
With colors and potions divine,
Those who were rude
She turned into swine.

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New Moon, New Friends

When I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know a soul, but I used this tried-and-true trick to fill my life with friends.

On the first Friday after a new moon (Freya’s Day, which is ruled by Venus, is ideal for fun, love, flirtation, gossip, and good times), light amber incense. Anoint yourself with amber oil and dance around, arms flung out and upward. Say aloud:

I call upon you, friend Freya,
to fill my life with live and joy. I call upon you,
Goddess, to bring unto me that which I enjoy
in the form of people, wise and kind.
This I ask and give thanks for; blessed be.
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