Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path is the updated, longer version of my out-of-print book Asatru For Beginners. It's scheduled to be published next summer. It now has a preorder link for both Kindle and paperback editions.

New and improved! Now with more gods!

There really are some more gods listed this time, and the section on gods has been expanded to include the gods' family relationships. I've included more information in many of the chapters which reflects new scholarship. The History chapter now includes an overview of the modernist movement which arose after I wrote the first edition of Asatru For Beginners just after the turn of the millenium. The section on Morality has been updated to include both traditionalist and modernist views, and now includes some information relevant to heathen parents. The old FAQ file from the MSN Asatru Group which comprised the first chapter of Asatru For Beginners is gone; some of the information has been folded into other chapters. Several of the chapters have more information relevant specifically to LBGTQ + / QUILTBAG people. I think the publisher added an index, although it's too soon for me to see a proof copy or ARC to be sure. There is a ton of new info in here. Order today!