"The disseminating moon is nearly full but not quite. It has faded from full but is more than half illuminated. This is the phase of the moon where you switch from sending your energy out into the world to looking within yourself to see what is working well and what needs changing. You have brought in all the positive energy of the waxing moon. Now it is time to use that energy to discard the chaff in your life. What needs to change? Even the most balanced and positive person can have problems letting go. At these times you have to accept that some chaos is bound to occur and you have to just ride through the bumpy rapids. This phase is about small changes and preparing to let go of the negative aspects of your life. These meditations help you begin that process." Moon Affirmations

Like the change in the moon, this is a time to make small changes.  What is one thing you do or say about yourself which is negative?  Do you stand in front of the mirror and say - I don't like - fill in the blank.  I have done this often.  I don't like my face, never have.  The nicest thing I could say about my face was I had nice eyebrows and unique eye color (hazel so brown/green).  

I realized my own negative talk affected my mood, my perception of me.  However, at 52 it is hard to let go of a life time of negative talk.  My first step was to realize I don't have to look like the expectation of creamy skin and so on.  I'm covered in freckles - face, arms, hands.  Freckles everywhere.  I don't have the ideal shape in anything.  I'm overweight and my handicap makes it difficult for me to exercise.  

Letting go of my lifelong dislike of my face, I realized I'm unique.  I look like me.  No one else in the world looks like me.  Since I like who I am, I need to be more forgiving of my looks.  

With the disseminating moon, it's a good time to let go of this negativity.  One way I do this is a visualization where I see myself standing, with each inhalation I see grains of sand representing my negativity and I draw them to me.  With each exhalation, I see them fall away.  

This moon phase is a reminder to me to let go of the negative things I feel about myself and say to myself.  It's a time for me to let go and remember the good things.  

The disseminating moon leads to the last quarter moon which is a time to assess your beliefs which form your foundation.  By letting go of the negativity in the disseminating phase, it helps to put me in an objective place to look at what I believe and whether I need to make any adjustments.  

It's all about finding the balance of positive and negative energy.  By taking this part of the month to let go and reflect on who I am and what I believe, it helps me come to a place of balance.  At least it does for a few moments.