The days are getting longer.  Even if the weather is still winter, I can start to see the energy of spring building as we step forward day by day.  My day job is at a university so the new semester has started and the insanity in my day job is stressful and chaotic.  This reminds me of the energy spring brings.

Spring season is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and moving forward.  In my way of doing things, I’ve considered over winter what is important, what I need to work on.  I may have (very likely have) made a to do list of what I need to do for my goals – what the next steps will be.  

My goals this year are about promoting my writing, working on the balance in my interest and in my life, and crocheting.  My husband was happy to hear that I am trying not to buy more yarn – unless I have a specific project in mind – until I’ve burned through some of my stash (and the many bags of projects I have waiting).

In my head (not on paper yet) I’ve somewhat prioritized these things.  The balance thing is a daily / weekly project.  I have to work on it and be conscious of what I’m doing.  When it comes to promoting my writing, I have a long way to go.  I’m looking critically at where I’m spending my marketing money and what I’m doing for marketing.  This means I have to think critically, logically.  While part of the writing business, it definitely doesn’t involve the creative side of my brain.  

I’m not waiting for a season to start some of this.  Now – January and February is about making all the preparations for working on the goals.  Right now I’m taking those steps and at the same time I’m reminding myself I can only do one thing at a time.  I can’t do six things at once – well I can but it isn’t my best work.  If I focus on one thing, I get it done and can think about the next step.  

I’m still doing some of the winter reflection, the winter looking within.  There are areas of my life which I’m not happy with but that is to be expected.  The questions I ask are Am I unhappy enough to make a change?  Does the change need to be drastic or should I look at smaller changes?  What do I need to do to change or do I need to change my perspective?  Is the problem something in my control?  If it isn’t, what is in my control and how will it affect the situation?  

The nice thing is when I crochet or edit, or read part of my brain is always working on the problem.  I’ll wake up with a revelation or I’ll stop for the night and make a realization about what I’m mulling.

The hardest part is trusting in myself to allow my brain or my sub conscious the time to work on the problem and then to be conscious enough to recognize the answers I’m getting.  While I’m coping with crazy busy and stressful days at my day job, I’m trying to be aware, conscious of the answers the universe is sending my way.