Plymouth, MN

Greetings from the Hotel of the Pagans.

We've got the whole place, with the exception of a few poor, unsuspecting cowans with preexisting reservations.

Now there's some sociology just waiting to happen.

Here's something interesting: I've been through every drawer in my room, and—Lady be praised—there's not a Gideon Bible in a single one of them.

(The Gideon Society is a group of spiritual imperialists with the motto “A Bible in every hotel room.”)

I can think of several possible explanations.

  • My roommate already removed it. (I haven't asked her.)
  • The Gideons don't do that anymore. (We should be so lucky.)
  • The Gideons are still at it, but this hotel doesn't participate. (If so, good on them.)
  • The hotel does participate, but has removed them for the occasion. (Sic semper tyrannis.)

Whichever it turns out to be, my name is Steven Posch and I approve this message.

And gods help those folks with the preexisting reservations.