We've all been going through so much and need to do some lettng go,  Any new moon is the perfect time to create a new opportunity and clear away relationship “baggage” with this banishing spell. If you have been hurt emotionally, this will clear it, Fast.

Gather together:

Clear glass  1 pint bowl of water

Silver spoon

Salt shaker

2 white candles and 2 black candles

Palo santo incense

Place a clear glass bowl of water on your altar. Set a silver spoon beside the glass bowl along with a salt shaker. Light the cleansing palo santo incense and the two black candles, and two white candles.   Pour salt into the spoon, sprinkle it into the water and stir with the spoon clockwise. Recite aloud:

Hurt and pain are banished this night;

Fill this heart and home with light.

With harm to none and blessings to all.

So mote it be.

After a few moments of contemplating the candle flames, recite the spell again. Using the silver spoon as a snuffer, extinguish the candles. Toss the bowl of water out on streets in front of your house, near a drainage grate. All your love troubles should drain away by the end of this lunar cycle.