You've heard of skyclad, ritual nudity.

But that's only one of many options.


Sty-clad: dirty

Spy-clad: wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat

Shy-clad: dressed to cover

Sly-clad: teasingly dressed

Spry-clad: in athletic wear

Scry-clad: dressed like Madame Luna

Bi-clad: dressed androgynously

Die-clad: dressed Goth

Rye-clad: wearing slices of bread

Why-clad: wearing clothing unnecessarily

High-clad: dressed like a stoner

Guy-clad: wearing men's clothing

Tie-clad: wearing a suit

Fie-clad: dressing to spite someone

Awry-clad: mis-dressed

Pad Thai-clad: wearing noodles

Bali Hai-clad: wearing a grass skirt

Dry-clad: wearing a towel

July-clad: wearing shorts

Shepherd's pie-clad: wearing mashed potatoes

Nigh-clad: almost dressed

Bligh-clad: wearing captain's attire

Lanai-clad: dressed for the porch

My-oh-My-clad: dressed provocatively

Wry-clad: dressed ironically