I have a friend who is applying for a promotion at work. If she gets it, she and her partner will be able to move to a new town, closer to family. My friend sees this potential as a great opportunity to get one step closer to her goals.

 I wanted to support her efforts with some tarot magick. I thought it would be helpful to share my process for this tarot spell, for two reasons.

 First, this will clearly demonstrate some easy tarot magick techniques.

 Second, by posting the image of the cards and my intentions, I am asking you to lend your energy to this effort, if you feel so moved.

 As with all magickal workings, I set this intention with the understanding that all that is done is done for the greater good of all concerned.

 First, I needed to choose the right deck for this important work. My friend is young, modern and cute. I chose “Vanessa Tarot” as a good match for her. Of course, not everyone has a huge tarot collection. Any deck will work!

 I started by meditating and setting my intention. Then I looked through the deck, pulling out the cards that felt right. I had a few in mind; the Ace of Pentacles, of course, along with the Three and Eight of Pentacles, since there would be opportunity for training and learning in this position.

 I chose the Eight of Wands to speed the process along, and the Chariot, both to represent my friend’s clear and strong will to move forward in this way, and to assure that they will have reliable transportation, a problem for many young people.

 I chose the Ten of Cups and the Ten of Pentacles to assist in finding a new home, and to make the transition a positive one for the entire family.

 Overall, I chose seventeen cards. The number of cards was completely random, or intuitive. Once finished, I realized the number of cards reduces to the single digit of eight, which, in tarot, is the number of motion, exactly the energy we are trying to attract.

 I arranged the cards in a particular pattern, paying attention to symmetry. The pattern felt intuitive, and I had to play with it a bit until it felt right.

 Once I knew the order of the cards, and the pattern, I lay them out on an altar cloth my friend had made for me years ago, to help bring her energy to the spell.

 The very first card I laid out was the Nine of Cups, the “Wish Card.” In laying out this card, I am asking that my friend’s wishes be fulfilled. The other sixteen cards each reflect different components of this potential opportunity.

 You can perform this kind of magick for yourself, or for a friend. Simply play with the cards until the energy feels right. Once your cards are laid out, you can light candles, meditate, drum, chant, or whatever else you prefer to raise the energy.

 I feel that when you choose and lay the cards out in this way, with specific intention, they are very effective at manifesting your desires. When you handle a deck with magickal intent, you will feel clearly led to choose and lay out exactly the cards you need.