In today's Watery Wednesday community news, we've got a new Asatru temple in Iceland; Heathens recognized by the U.S. military; Pagans in Costa Rica?; John Becket on social costs of being Pagan; a new location for the Sacred Harvest festival.

It's about time: the first Heathen temple built in Iceland in a millennium is coming soon.

The United States Army has finally added Ásatrú and Heathen as options in its religious preference list.The Norse Mythology blog covers the story.

Heather Greene at the Wild Hunt has the fascinating story of the growing number of Heathens and Pagans in the Central American nation of Costa Rica.

John Halstead writes on the social costs of being Pagan -- and how we, both as a community and as individuals, can mitigate some of the isolation and loneliness that can accompany being outside the mainstream.

The Harmony Tribe is moving the site for its August Sacred Harvest Festival. Read the details.