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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
The Magic of Massage

Set the stage for hands-on pleasure before you knead your lover’s body into rapturous bliss. Start with your favorite music. I prefer Indian ragas because they seem to have a naturally sexy rhythm. Whether it is the sound of classical guitar, angelic harps, or an ambient electronic band from Iceland, it should relax and bring pleasure. Light pink, red, and brown candles to create a loving, sexual atmosphere that is strongly grounded. Kindle incense your lover has previously complimented, and lay out towels you have warmed and oils and lubricants you have also warmed. Turn up the heat a bit and turn down the lights to simply create a “spa” feeling for complete unwinding. I have some honey, goose feathers, and an edible raspberry-and-mint rub I like to share as well.

First undress your partner, very slowly and gently. If your partner is open-minded to pagan ways, you should speak this incantation in his or her presence. If not, it is your silent prayer:

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
A Lover's Touch: Sensuality Spell

I always giggle when I see over-the-counter sesame body oil in the pharmacy. Unknowingly, a woman will apply sesame oil and never understand why she feels so much sexier and attracts more glances her way. While that marketplace version will do in a pinch, a potion you’ve made yourself will be ten times as effective. You can use it as a skin softener or a massage oil.

In a cup of almond and sesame oil, add twenty drops of musk, sandalwood, or orange blossom oil. Shake well, then heat very slowly and carefully. I use a clay oil warmer with a votive candle beneath, but the stovetop will do, making sure the flame is set very low.

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Finding the Sacred in Sensuality: Your Erotic Altar

To prepare for new relationships and deepen the expression of feeling and intensity in your love life, create a center from which to renew your romantic spirit. Here you can concentrate your energy, clarify your intentions, and make wishes come true. If you already have an altar, incorporate some special elements, such as red candles or red crystals, or anything associated with Venus, like copper or a seashell, to enhance your sex life. Your altar can sit on a low table, a big box, or any flat surface dedicated to magic. One friend of mine has her sex altar at the head of her bed. Begin by purifying the space with some smoke cleansing. Then cover your altar with a large red silk or silk-like fabric. Place two red candles at the center of your altar, and then place a soul mate crystal—two crystals naturally fused together—at the far-right corner of the altar. These are widely available at metaphysical stores. Anoint your candles with jasmine and neroli oil. Also keep the incense you think is sexiest on your altar. Place fresh Casablanca lilies in a vase, and change them the minute they begin to fade. Lilies are heralded as exotic and erotic flowers, prized for their seductive scent.

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The Struggle of Sacred, Sensual, Sexual

In 5th grade, we had an assignment to make art depicting "innocence and the light and grace of God" (or something similar). I chose to draw a young boy and girl standing bathed in the light of the Holy Spirit (in dove form), their backs to the viewer, their bodies lightly covered in transparent shifts.  To me that showed the purity of creation, a clear symbol of innocence. I thought it was a beautiful drawing. 

My classmates called me a pervert and were horrified. My teacher told me they needed more clothes.  I didn't see anything wrong or shameful in what I had drawn.  

I grew up with big books of museum art full of nudes, wallpaper with naked women bathing in my parents' bathroom - which was no different than the metallic lions and tigers in the jungle on the walls of the bathroom my brothers and I shared. Bodies are used in art because they are amazing things.  I inherently understood that being naked didn't automatically mean being sexual. 

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  • Tasha Halpert
    Tasha Halpert says #
    Very interesting and well put. I too grew up with an artist mother and parents who didn't hide their bodies. My mom used to invite

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Fruits of the Land

Mmmm…I just love summer. The energies run big, bright, and colorful! My fire rhythm can find herself burnt out easily though if I commit to do-ing too much instead of just be-ing. Taking quiet time is imperative for my system, especially during the vibrant summer months. A recent Saturday night was a be-ing night for me and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a cool, quiet, rainy summer night than by working in the kitchen with fresh fruit.

Food is incredibly sensual, isn't it? The invitation arrives and we have to give ourselves permission to really, truly experience it! Fresh fruit and vegetables this time of the year are truly blessed gifts indeed and I give myself freely, fully to the sensory-filled experience of the harvest. This is also one of my favorite aspects of traveling and brings to mind a recent opportunity while in Jamaica this past spring.

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  • Jennifer Mills
    Jennifer Mills says #
    Thank you, Ashling. I love that you share "sensual" and "poetic" in the same sentence...ahh...that is magic right there!
  • Jennifer Mills
    Jennifer Mills says #
    Thank you, Lizann! You are right about those candy they are right now. And you have a copy of that book too? Isn
  • Ashling Kelly
    Ashling Kelly says #
    What a sensual, poetic sharing of the season's delights....beautifully done!
  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham says #
    Thank you for your wonderful post. The Farmer's Market is a weekly ritual for me, the peaches this year have been particularly ex

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