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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Special Date Spell: Make-Out Magic
Ah, the big date you’ve been looking forward to all week. And you, clever one, planned it on a new moon night. If this new moon happens to be in the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, or Pisces, you are really in for a treat tonight! Here is the last-minute preparation to guarantee you will have the time of your life. Gather the following ritual elements:
  • 2 red candles
  • Your favorite essential oil (mine is vamber, a concoction of equal parts vanilla and amber oils that makes me feel instantly erotic)
  • Thorn of a rose

Take the two red candles and anoint them with your essential oil. Take the thorn and scratch your name on one candle and your lover’s name on the other.

Anoint yourself between your breasts and over your heart, and then speak these words aloud twice:

  1. Tonight, under this moon’s light,
    we will fall under each other’s spell.
  2. Tonight, under these stars so bright,
  3. we will ignite a fire and never quell.
  4. With these lips, this mouth, and my art
  5. I will explore the sacred mysteries
    of the human heart.
When your object of desire arrives, you should both get comfortable. At an opportune moment, ask your lover to light the two candles. Take his or her hand and place it over your heart, lean forward, and very gently kiss him or her. For this magic to blossom into full power, you should remain standing and only kiss, slowly and gently but with increasing intensity, for at least thirty minutes. The art of kissing begins with lips only, gently tickling, licking, and nibbling on your partner’s lips before moving on to the fabulous French kiss.
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Romancing the Stones: Love Crystals and Gems

Here are stones I recommend for harnessing various powers for love:

  • Amber for grounding and understanding yourself

  • Amethyst for balance and intuition about other people

  • Aventurine for creative visualization so you can picture yourself with a true love

  • Bloodstone for abundance and prosperity in your love life

  • Calcite for warding off negativity

  • Carnelian for opening doors for you and helping you overcome relationship issues

  • Chalcedony for power over dark spirits that can get in the way

  • Citrine for getting motivated and attracting money and success in all things

  • Fluorite for communicating with fairies and other unseen beings

  • Garnet for protection from gossip and negative talk

  • Geode for getting through periods of extreme difficulty such as breakups or loss

  • Hematite for strength and courage and a brave open heart

  • Jade for wisdom to interpret or realize powerful dreams

  • Jasper for stability and steadiness in relationships

  • Lodestone for bringing a lover back into your life

  • Mahogany obsidian for feeling sexy and emanating sensuality

  • Moss agate for powers of persuasion and healing

  • Quartz crystal for divining your dreams

  • Rhodochrosite for staying on course with your life’s true purpose

  • Rose quartz for love

  • Turquoise for safety when traveling and luck in all matters

  • Watermelon tourmaline for help with planning your best possible future

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Body Beautiful Rite: Lust Dust

Nowadays, you can buy body glitter almost anywhere. I’ve noticed that we witchy types were way ahead on the glitter curve. Whether it is baby powder, body glitter, or the edible Honey Dust sold by the inimitable Kama Sutra body product company, start with a powder that feels comfortable on your body. Get the following supplies:

  • Your chosen powder
  • 1 drop of amber essential oil
  • 1 drop of vanilla essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon lotus root powder
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon cinnamon (ground)


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Looking for New Love: A New Moon Candle Spell
If you are “lookin’ for love” and feel like you need the physical release of sex, perform this spell and you will find a lover quickly. This ritual should be performed on the first new moon night for the greatest power. Gather up these supplies:
  • 2 pieces of rose quartz
  • 2 red candles
Take the pieces of rose quartz and place them on the floor in the center of your bedroom. Light both red candles and use this affirming chant twice:
Beautiful crystal I hold this night,
flame with love for my delight.
Goddess of Love, I ask of you guide me in the path that is true.
Harm to none as love comes to me.
This I ask and so it shall be.
Now, make yourself ready!
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Ring My Bell: Your Feng Shui Relationship Corner

As you walk into your bedroom, the relationship corner will be at the far right in the back right corner. Your love and sex energy will be nurtured there, and you might well consider placing your altar there to serve as your personal wellspring of Eros.

Look at this area with a fresh eye—what is cluttering your love corner with “dead energy”? Half-empty perfume bottles or near-empty cosmetic bottles could be impairing your relationship energy. You must cleanse your space of unhappiness and clear the area of clutter by getting rid of all unnecessary objects and tidying up. To further cleanse the area, ring a hand bell anywhere clutter has accumulated, giving special attention to your bed linens.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Romance Roma Style: Heart Herbs

The folklore of the Romani people is replete with love magic, charms, and enchantments. The way to a person’s heart can truly be a dish of delight spiced up with magical herbs. Gather up:

• Rye
• Pimento

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Pendulum of the Ring

This is more of a divination technique to find new love, rather than a spell. A big part of meeting someone new is knowing how and when such a meeting may take place. So try a little divination. You need just two things: a length of white ribbon or string and a ring. The ring just needs to symbolize a wedding ring but doesn’t need to be truly valuable.

Tie the ring to the end of the ribbon, and let it dangle from your hand. You need to be very still for this, so you should probably rest your elbow on the table for a bit of stability.

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