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Lavender is Love: The Scent of Serenity

The time you take to restore yourself is precious. Morning is the optimal time to perform a self blessing which will help you maintain both your physical health and provide an emotional boost. Lavender essential oil is the most popular essential oil the world today, but the benefits of lavender were actually discovered over 3000 years ago. Because of the deeply powerful calming and soothing effect as well as antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative tranquilizing  and antidepressive properties, lavender oil is simply wonderful even the scent brings joy. When King Tut’s tomb was opened in 1923 in Egypt, a faint perfume of  lavender remained after 3,000 years. In the Bible, lavender was beloved as for anointing and healing. Lavender, let us count the ways we love you:

  • Anxiety reduction and lessening emotional stress
  • Protect against diabetes
  • Improve brain function
  • Headache reduction
  • Healing burns and wounds
  • Better sleep
  • Brightens skin health and circulation
  • Slows down aging with powerful antioxidants
  • Pain relief

Alleviate headaches

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Sigyn's name means Victory Woman. She is the butterfly goddess, the lady of compassion, goddess of caregivers, wife of Loki, grieving mother. What follows is my gnosis about her. For a more scholarly article please see my paper Sigyn: Butterfly Goddess published in Witches & Pagans Magazine.

In the Fireverse, Sigyn is the only being with any agency left by the end of time. Everyone else is caught in the Prophecy (Voluspa) either trying to achieve it or trying to resist it. By the time Ragnarok comes, the other gods have done everything they can to set up the conditions that will result in a properly functioning next universe. Those who have a role to play in making Ragnarok happen try to do their assigned parts, but things don’t go exactly as the Prophecy foretold, and without Sigyn’s actions, the death of one universe and the birth of another would not be achieved. Hers is the final victory, the end and beginning. She presides over the ends and beginnings of life both for humans and for universes.

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A Powerful Plant Ally in Stressful Times

Lavender is a beloved garden plant that is widely known for calming nerves, balancing emotions, and fostering a sense of peace. The scent of this plant aids in getting restful sleep, which is especially important during stressful times. Lavender essential oil is the easiest way to use this plant.


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Foundations of Incense: Lavender

I love lavender.  It’s easy to grow, at least where I live, and it’s generally hardly.  Best of all, it’s excellent for incense making.  It powders easily, has a great scent, and is very fault-tolerant.  You can even make incense cones or sticks using nothing but lavender and a tiny bit of binder.

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My first batch of lavender wine made my lips go numb after a single sip. I shared it with other heathens and they found it quite strong also. So of course the next time I had a crop of lavender from my garden, I made lavender vodka.  

In the summer and fall of 2016, I drew on Sigyn’s patience almost every day to get me through a particularly difficult time in caring for my mom. Often, when I went outside for some reason, even just to take out the garbage, I would see one of Sigyn’s butterflies, and I would relax. In the evening, in gratitude to her, I raised a toast with tonic water flavored with my lavender vodka.

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A Lavender Story

The days are long and hot.  The bees, butterflies, and fireflies are claiming the horizons.  Mornings are hazy and afternoons are bright.  Local rivers and streams are slow and gentle, and fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market are succulent and juicy. Summer is fully here, and it’s lavender season in North Carolina. 

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