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Sesame Sensation: Enchanted Body Oil
I use this potion as a combination body care oil, massage oil, and lubricant. This is a tip I picked up from a professional who shared her confidential formula with me; she added, “All my clients marvel at how soft and yummy my skin is.” I have acquired several trade secrets from her that I have used to great effect. A total goddess, she also has her clients and lovers worship at her sex altar before they make love. I have to note that she has many repeat customers. Gather up:
  • 1 cup of sesame oil (you can cheat and get the sesame-scented oil from the pharmacy or grocery store, which works just as well in a pinch)
  • Clove, cinnamon, and ginger (powdered)
  • Bergamot, amber, and jasmine essential oils
  • Amber-colored jar
  • Magnetite
Take the sesame oil and add a pinch each of all the spices. Then add a drop of citrusy bergamot and a teaspoon each of the amber and jasmine oils.

Stir gently and then place in an amber-colored jar with a stopper. Place the jar beside a piece of magnetite, also known as lodestone, which draws people to you. Let it sit for a full week, and then use it to bring yourself and your lover to orgasm—again and again.

Note: This is not for safe sex, if you are using a latex condom. (But there are condoms made out of new, oil-friendly materials to be had these days; shop Good Vibrations at to learn more.)

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Lighting the Lamp of Love (and Lust!): Enchanted Essential Oils

These essential oils are excellent choices for anointing lamps as well as yourself. If you are anointing yourself, you need to use a carrier oil; dilute one part essential oil with three parts carrier oil. I recommend almond oil as it adds to the sensuality without overwhelming the other scents. Before a tryst, take a hot bath and then anoint yourself after you step out of the water. Slather the enchanted essential oil over your entire body and rub it into your skin. You are now ready for a lust-filled evening.

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Seductive Sorcery: Mother Nature’s Beauty Secrets

The best beauty secrets are often hidden among Mother Nature’s flora and fauna. Forget spending a fortune on overpriced creams, lotions, masks, and salves, go out to your kitchen garden or check your pantry for organic remedies and common beauty solutions. Here are some of the best recipes and natural ingredients to begin a journey toward a healthy and nontoxic beauty regime.

Venus’ Very Vanilla Sugar Scrub

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Enchanted Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of flowers, herbs, roots, or resin extract, sometimes diluted in neutral base oil. Try to ensure you are using natural oils instead of manufactured, chemical-filled perfume oils; the synthetics lack any real energy. Also, approach oils with caution, and don’t get them in your eyes. Clean cotton gloves are a good idea to keep in your kitchen for handling sensitive materials.

You can avoid any mess and protect your magical tools by using oil droppers. While you are learning and studying, find a trusted herbalist or the wise sage at your local metaphysical shop; usually their years of experience offer much in the way of useful knowledge you can use to your advantage. I have included as much as I can in this at-a-glance guide to oils. These essential oils are excellent choices for anointing lamps as well as yourself:

  • Cinnamon is energetic, spicy, and warm. It stimulates the mind as well as the body.
  • Ginger is vigorous and revitalizing and heightens desire and comfort.
  • Jasmine sparks sensuality and inspires feelings of positivity, confidence, and pure bliss.
  • Lavender is soothing, calming, nurturing, and relaxing.
  • Orange is a light, citrusy oil that restores balance and liftsmoods, enhancing playful emotions.
  • Rose brings youthfulness, enhances self-esteem, aidscirculation, and relieves tension.
  • Sandalwood is a woody aroma that relieves tension andrelaxes tense muscles.
  • Ylang-ylang’s sweet, floral aroma is used as an aphrodisiac;it is relaxing and reduces worry and anxiety.
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My Sun and Stars: Sacred Sandalwood Oil

Although I am most fond of “vamber,” my vanilla and amber combination, I have recently moved into a sandalwood phase and am delighting in its powers.

In a glass bowl, stir together six teaspoons of powdered sandalwood and two cups of neutral oil, such as sesame or almond. Heat gently over a flame, taking care not to bring the mixture to boiling point. After cooling, place it in a colored-glass jar and seal securely.

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Calming Oil Cure after a Breakup

To help heal yourself or a brokenhearted friend, add five drops of each of the following essential oils to a scentless base oil or almond oil:

  • Wisteria
  • Clove
  • Jojoba
  • Neroli

Shake and add a few small rose quartz crystals into the vial. Offer to give your heartbroken friend a neck and head rub. Dab the oil on his or her temples, neck, and shoulders, and gently rub in circular motions.

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Two Hearts Beat as One: Ritual Rub

I always giggle when I see over-the-counter sesame body oil in the pharmacy. Unknowingly, a woman will apply the oil and never understand why she feels so much sexier and attracts more glances her way. While that marketplace version will do in a pinch, a potion you’ve made yourself will be ten times as effective. You can use it as a skin softener or a massage oil.

In a cup of almond and sesame oil, add twenty drops of musk, sandalwood, or orange blossom oil. Shake well and heat very slowly and carefully. I use a clay oil warmer with a votive candle beneath, but the stovetop will do.

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