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Polished Crystal versus Natural (unpolished) Crystal: What's the Difference?

I often get questions about polished crystal and how it differs from natural crystal. When I talk about polished crystal I am referring to crystal which has had its sides and or faces cut and polished with a machine (like the crystals in the image above, (photo credit 

Natural crystal is crystal which has not had its shape altered and remains the same as it was when it grew in the earth (like the crystals in the photo below).


Sometimes crystal is polished because of surface dings or marring caused from the mining process. Lots of Brazilian points come to us completely polished; termination, bottom, and sides. At times just one side or face and the base (which is usually beveled as well), will be polished while the rest of the crystal is left in its natural state. Sometimes the crystal points are so damaged that they would be unusable (due to sharp edges, etc), so in these cases it is really beneficial and best for the crystal that they do this.


Many times a point will be polished into a Generator (six equal faces with a centrally located point) or even Channeler or Dow. However, while the termination may have been ground or polished externally into that shape, the internal structure is still going to

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Crystal Grid for Lung Issues

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share with you my most recent crystal grid. I have been battling Pneumonia and the after-effects for several weeks now. I created this grid so the Crystal People could help me bring balance and health back to my lungs.

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  • Genn John
    Genn John says #
    Thanks for commenting, Jeanine! I was hoping to spark some ideas. There is no limit to the possibilities. I hope your next grid is
  • Jeanine Byers
    Jeanine Byers says #
    What an awesome post! I hope you are feeling better. You gave me some great ideas for my next grid. I have used pictures before bu

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Understanding The Crystal People

Hey Everyone! My apologies that this post is so tardy! The reason, however, I think is a pretty sound one. I have been busily promoting my newly published book Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers

I have struggled with the composition of this post, not wanting it to sound like a self-serving advertisement. However, how does one share both the knowledge contained in the book as well as the excitement in being published with fellow crystal lovers if not in this forum? 

Understanding The Crystal People is a working manual chock-full of excellent information, and is a book I would highly recommend to everyone who works with crystal, whether or not it was written by me. So, to resolve the question posed above, humor me and continue reading this post as if I was describing a book written by some "random awesome chick".

Firstly, who are the Crystal People? To explain, when we speak of the "Crystal People", it isn't a description of people who like crystals (that would be describing crystal people, in lower case... like dog people or cat people). The Crystal People are the Crystals themselves. As we discussed in an earlier post, they are sentient beings, millennia older than ourselves.  Here is a brief summary (and broad overview) of what is found in the book:

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Recently I wrote a post about making a crystal grid. I promised to tell you about the grid I made for myself. First let me explain how a crystal grid works, and keep in mind, there are literally as many ways to make a grid as there are people to make them. You can either make a grid in "real time" or make a "micro-grid".

A grid in "real time" would be a grid which you place around the actual person or object in question. In the example of the crystal grid I made for myself (which is a micro-grid), rather than having a picture of me at the center, I would physically be in the center of this grid which I would build around myself (sitting, laying, whatever).

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  • Genn John
    Genn John says #
    Thanks for the comment, J'Karrah! I'm super glad you got some ideas from this post. Yay!
  • J'Karrah
    J'Karrah says #
    Fascinating article! Thanks you so much for sharing. I now have some wonderful ideas to use something like this for

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Choosing and Clearing Your Crystal

Last time we covered cleansing and charging. We talked about discussing clearing and programming next. However, because programming is a bit more detailed, we’ll save that for a post all on its own. This time we’ll talk about choosing your crystal and clearing. Then we will be ready to learn about programming.

The first step is deciding what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend. The next step is choosing which crystal wants to partner with you toward that end. So how do you choose?

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Understanding that Crystals are Sentient Beings

Hello everyone! I suppose the best place to start this blog is just to jump in with both feet and start yakking! (Uh, should that be ‘jump in with both lips?’). Over the months, I plan to get more in-depth on the topic of crystals. We’ll talk about such things as where they come from, how (and when) to cleanse and clear, setting up grids, and even learn how to communicate with your crystals.

However, in order to cover all of that information we have to be on the same page about one crucial point. The point I’m referring to is that crystals are sentient beings. It isn’t something that is normally written about in most crystal reference books. We tend to hear about how to “use” crystal in our healings and other magical workings, but the role of the crystal tends to be secondary to the practitioner; that it is simply a device to be used, much like our candles, altar tools, or smudge sticks. What I am proposing for your consideration is that employing crystals’ assistance should be regarded as a co-creative endeavor between the crystal and the person. More like a relationship between colleagues. Let me tell you how I came to this realization and why I feel it is important to share with you here.

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  • Genn John
    Genn John says #
    I agree completely, Lee! Wonderful comment !
  • Lee Perruzza
    Lee Perruzza says #
    to me Crystals are meta~healers. When you "Erase any preconceptions you may have, and then Connect" you receive the energetic vibr

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