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Posted by on in Studies Blogs
Virgin Scrying?

Did you know that it was once thought advantageous to use virgins for scrying? While crystal balls are probably the most common form of scrying known now, and maybe second to that mirrors (you probably know John Dee's famous mirror). But other reflective surfaces have been used, including onychomancy (divination by a polished fingernail).

Claire Fanger makes a good argument for the late medieval link between scrying and summoning spirits. While summoning angels and binding demons might appear on the surface to be completely different skill sets or activities, clearly the two are easily linked because of the cosmological outlook both share:

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Divination Station: Becoming a Seer

From the beginning of time, the one persistent question has been, “How does one make direct contact with the crystal ball?”  Immediately three words present themselves: belief, concentration, and patience.  All three are equally important; seership depends on them.  If an individual has an inborn ability to fix the mind or to concentrate, that person is well on the way to becoming a scryer.  However, none of the three will be as effective if the seer is not at ease physically.  A posture chair will free the scryer from being distracted by the need to seek a more comfortable position. Now breathe. Nothing is more vital than the breath, which is the source of all energy.  It behooves every seer to learn to control the breath.  All professional seers, like all professional clairvoyants, cultivate deep breathing, for they are aware that their psychic powers are enhanced their lung capacity.  Deep breathing is a great aid to concentration, just as physical ease helps to erase irritability and ensure a patient attitude.

 The time factor enters strongly into gazing.  There are three periods during the day that are ideal to consult the crystal ball: sunrise, midday, and sunset.  It is generally accepted that sunrise is the most propitious, for it symbolizes a new beginning.  This does not preclude other hours between dawn and dark times to avoid using the crystal ball are the dark hours from nine o’clock in the evening until dawn.  During that period the scryer is renewing vital powers, either through sleep or meditation.

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Crystal Talismans for Power and Protection

A talisman is an object that has been imbued with power. It can also provide protection and has magical properties. A talisman can be any article or symbol that you believe has mystical qualities. As we know, many gems and crystals have special innate powers. With a talisman, the special powers can be naturally present or instilled during a ritual. People often confuse amulets with talismans, but they differ in this significant way: Amulets positively protect the wearer from harm, evil, and negativity. Talismans actively transform the wearer to have certain powers. For example, the supernatural sword Excalibur, imbued with supremacy by the Lady of the Lake, gave King Arthur magical powers.

Grimoires offer instruction on making talismans. The reasons for using talismans are many—for love, for wealth, for luck with gambling, for the gift of a silver tongue, for a good memory, for the prevention of death. Whatever you can think of, there is probably a talisman for that exact purpose!

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