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Make Your Own Love Altar!
by LaSara Firefox 

I love sex. I love talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, and having it.

I also love writing in general, mostly on the topics of sex and sexuality, feminism, and “alternative” lifestyle choices. (I always want to ask “Alternative to what?”) I work in the sex industry as a sideline, I’m a sex educator and self-proclaimed expert, a Witch, neo-feminist, mother of two, and wife to a supercool guy.

Through the years I have chosen to participate in a wide variety of relationship styles including polyamory, monogamy, singleness-by-choice, and celibacy, and see the benefits that each held for me. I’m a queer identified sex-radical, married to the father of my kids, and my husband and I are committed to egalitarian child rearing, career development, and in clear communication in our primary relationship and beyond.

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