Generally, community is a good, even great thing. But sometimes our desire for community can become warped and twisted. This week for Watery Wednesday we look at some of the ways communities have failed in the past as well as ways we're striving to build a better community for the future.

In Norway, the town of Vardø, long regarded as Norway's "witch capital" builds a monument as a formal apology to the numerous people they've executed in the past on charges of witchcraft. Read more about how the town and Norway are recognizing past victims at The Daily Beast.

Over at Patheos, John Beckett talks about the continuing process within the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) to revise their identity and social posture. If you're interested in interfaith relations and their future you may want to check it out.

We often look to elders as the leaders of a community. But who looks after our elders when they need aid and support? That's the question this post from Pagan Activist looks to investigate.

Black Pagans (or their friends) might be interested in checking out this open call for submissions from Songs of Yemaya. Inspired by the orisha of the sea the blog hopes to collect as many stories as it can about black women's experiences as reflected through Yemaya.

Lastly we take a look at the dark side of the Pagan community. Read more at Vice, with this article on racism within the Heathen movement.