The Queen of Jordan speaks about the plight of refugees throughout the world. The world reacts to the terrible and tragic events in Orlando this weekend. And President Obama speaks about anti-Muslim rhetoric in the United States. It's Fiery Tuesday, our weekly segment about societal and political news around the world. All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

Despite progress on some front, millions of refugees are still living in danger without easy access to food, water, or shelter. At Global Citizen, Queen Rania of Jordan speaks about the continuing threats to refugees and how the world could improve their situation.

Last weekend a lone gunman killed as many as 50 people in an attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Nothing can ease the pain of the deceased's loved ones or make the survivors feel safe in the wake of such terror, but from such tragedy some progress may be made. In Singapore, halfway around the world, LGBT activists are galvanized by last weekend's tragic events and are working to make the city-state safer for them.

Many have commented on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's seeming inability to tell the truth. Now many are wondering if the media (or other GOP leaders) can do anything to rein him in. Don't be so sure, argues Margaret Sullivan.

After issuing condolences towards the families and loved ones of the deceased from last weekend's shooting in Orlando, President Barack Obama reiterated his call for stricter gun control laws. In response, however, many GOP leaders have accused Obama of going "soft" on "radical Islam." The president's response was terse but informative.

As public opinion in America has coalesced in favor of same-sex marriage, the LGBT community has turned to other targets for achieving equality in the country. Most recently, the focus has shifted to transgender individuals, who continue to face considerable discrimination in the United States and elsewhere. And even LGBT allies, while meaning well, can sometimes get a few things wrong.

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