Protesters decry the nomination of Donald Trump by the Republican Party. Concerns rise in China about public censorship. And we consider the role gender has to play in this year's election (and what that has to do with Paganism). It's Fiery Tuesday, our weekly segment on political and societal new from around the globe! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

Donald Trump only just received the nomination of the Republican Party today but already he's attracted massive criticism from around the world. Here in the United States, many Jewish Americans have become increasingly concerned that Trump represents a resurgence of religious intolerance and racial bigotry. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has more here.

Recent protests aren't all about Trump, of course. In China, human rights activists have become increasingly concerned by evidence that the central government is detaining those who voice dissent or even allow such dissent to be distributed. The New Lens takes a look at recent protests in Hong Kong over the issue of booksellers who were held in captivity.

Meanwhile, in Israel thousands of Palestinians are facing eviction in East Jerusalem, the disputed portion of the country's de jure capital (also claimed as the capital of Palestine). Al Jazeera interviews one family about their situation and how they feel Israeli authorities are specifically targeting Palestinians for eviction.

We've heard it again and again: "if Muslims disapprove of terrorism why don't they speak up about it?" But they do. Not only do many Muslims protest religious violence in the name of their religion, but they also take direct action to prevent it. In fact, it was a Muslim American who reported Omar Mateen, the Pulse club shooter, to authorities.

Lastly, Hecate Demeter, Pagan writer and legal expert, shares her thoughts on the 2016 presidential election in the United States. She explains why she's supporting Hillary Clinton and why for her it's not just about the preferable choice but an affirmatively positive one, in large part due to the unique perspective a woman brings to the office.

Top image by Mustafa Bader