As a part of the natural world we must deal constantly with cycles of life and death. Several of today's stories in Earthy Thursday deal with these and related themes, as well as what sits just beyond our everyday human experience.

At The Wild Hunt, Cara Schulz discusses how life leads inevitably to death... which in turn leads to more life. All a part of nature.

Has our linguistic capability to describe the natural world diminished in recent years? Robert McFarlane believes so and laments the endangerment of words like "bluebell" or "zawn."

Is fog the secret to redwoods' incredible size and growth? According to this article from The New York Times it may well be.

Roadways are well-known for being a hazard to local wildlife. Is there a way to make them safer? The Huffington Post looks at one possible solution.

Speaking of solutions can indigenous cultures teach us how to confront climate change? yes! Magazine has the details.

Lastly, what are the roots of Iceland's widespread belief in elves? Carolyn Emerick looks into the distinctive Scandinavian folk belief.