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Words to the Wise is a collection of stories, observations and insight drawn from my own experience both in the past and in the present, together with my perspective on what I may have learned in the process. Occasional poetry and astrological insights will be included when appropriate. I welcome comments, suggestions and thoughts of all kinds and am happy to respond.

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Donald Trump and His Astrology

Donald Trump's chart is quite typical of the man and his behavior. To begin with, he has Leo Rising. In my experience this means that he is not interested in ever being told what to do. I never knew a Leo rising who was. One acquaintance with that configuration used to occasionally give me a ride. When she did not know the directions, I would need to tell her via suggestion only where to turn. If any directions were put as a direct statement she would sail right by instead of turning where I said.

 In addition Trump has Mars in fiery Leo in the 12th house just three degrees from his Leo ascendant. His impulsiveness is well known. This again is unsurprising because not only is he impulsive but he is also forceful. However one nickname for the 12th house is the house of self undoing. Another is the house of karma, the house of "what goes around comes around." As Mars represents the POTUS's actions, so it also means that whatever he does, good or bad will sooner or later return to him. 

 This Mars in Leo has a fairly tight sextile from his Sun Uranus Conjunction in Gemini—more about that later and from his moon in Sagittarius. Such a potential for effective action can also mean an impulsive or overly aggressive one. Trines can grease the skids as well as the wheels. Sextiles represent potential, so there is a possibility for right action as well. Yet his Moon in Sagittarius is in opposition to this Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini. This could also indicate a negative effect upon the functioning of his Mars.

 His Sun Uranus conjunction in Gemini indicates an originality of character, and he certainly exemplifies that. It also indicates someone who is unpredictable and erratic. The opposition of the Moon in Sagittarius seems to me to speak of someone who has mood swings and is influenced by them. There is also a good luck trine from this conjunction to Jupiter in Libra that might explain why he seems to get away with his outrageous behavior. His Jupiter return this year could enhance this ability, however Jupiter leaves Libra in October.

 His Sun/Uranus is also conjunct his North Node. This says to me that he has a task to perform that is important to his progress on a soul level. These three are all in the tenth house of career. Because the North Node is about learning and growing, he is being given a chance to do this in unusual ways through his public actions. The Saturn Venus conjunction in Cancer semisextile to his Sun/Uranus gives him the potential ability to make wise choices should he choose to. Mercury however is squared to Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron, indicating severe obstacles to his clarity of thought, possibly influenced by his own woundedness. 

 His Pluto in Leo in the twelfth house has two semisextiles, one from Neptune and one from Mercury. Once again the hand of karma can be seen in the background. There might be some earned credit from other points in time, if he is willing and able to access them. However, there is also the presence of the planet of destruction in the house of undoing and it may be that if Trump is unable to take heed, he will fly too high and the wax on his wings will melt in the Sun of global warming.

 I find it interesting Trump was born on what is now Flag Day. What is even more interesting to me at this point is that the New Moon Solar Eclipse of August twenty first at 28' 53' falls almost exactly on his Ascendant at 29' 57' and very close to his Mars at 26' 46'. As Eclipses are harbingers of change, it will be very interesting to see how Trump is affected by circumstances that may occur at this time. The investigations now taking place, the fading of his approval rating at this time, and the general unease of the man himself as reported by many seem typical of a gathering storm.

 Mars will be in Leo as of July 20, for a Mars return for the POTUS. Given the aspects in his chart, he will doubtless feel powerful at that time. Will that cause him to over reach himself? Interested astrologers can check back over significant dates since his inauguration and the progress of his presidency. There are some curious synchronistic occurrences. As Uranus moves through late Aries, trining his Mars and Ascendant, his unpredictable behavior may well be even more so. It will pass back and forth over these degrees several times over the months ahead. It will be interesting to see what happens next. 



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Practical mystic and poet Tasha Halpert writes a column called Heartwings Love Notes for a Joyous Life, as well as a monthly astrology column for the internet. She writes a weekly perspective column for the Grafton News called Good Earthkeeping.  Her poems and essays have appeared in Quest Magazine, For the Love of Life, Heart and Wings, The Unicorn, and other publications. She is staff poet and storyteller for the Unicorn, and a regular part of Granny Moon’s Morning Feast. Her book Heartwings: Love Notes for a Joyous Life is available; She has another in preparation: Up to my Neck in Lemons, as well as a poetry chapbook: Poems and Prayers. With her writings she hopes to be of help and comfort and perhaps even entertaining.  With her husband Stephen she lives in Grafton and is the mother of 5, grandmother of 7, and great grandmother of 2.  


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