Goddess Centered Practice

In the woods behind my house rest a collection of nine large flat rocks. Daily, I walk down to these “priestess rocks” for some sacred time alone to pray, meditate, consider, and be. Often, while in this space, I open my mouth and poetry comes out. I’ve come to see this experience as "theapoetics"—experiencing the Goddess through direct “revelation,” framed in language. As Stanley Hopper originally described in the 1970’s, it is possible to “…replace theology, the rationalistic interpretation of belief, with theopoetics, finding God[dess] through poetry and fiction, which neither wither before modern science nor conflict with the complexity of what we know now to be the self.” Theapoetics might also be described, “as a means of engaging language and perception in such a way that one enters into a radical relation with the divine, the other, and the creation in which all occurs.”

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Poem: Persephone's Return

I carried lemon balmb2ap3_thumbnail_persephone-mandala.jpg

and sweet almond oil with me

into the woods

and sat on a stone.

I saw three vultures rising and falling

wheeling and whirling

gracefully above the valley

and a single black crow zip busily

along the horizon

as its kin called raucously

from unseen trees.

A neat triangle of nine geese

passed above my head,

close enough for a chance

to hear the rhythmic sounds

of their wings moving the air

as they passed me by.

I encircled myself with lemon balm,

scattering it loosely

on the leaves around my rock.

I anointed my body with sweet drops

of scented oil

and whispered some wishes to the wind.

These, my own spontaneous

and solitary

rites of spring.

Suddenly, the slowly coasting vultures

changed course

and angled across the blue sky above me.

I felt the shadows of their long wings

gently cross me

as I sat silent in my circle

and felt tears rise into my eyes

and laughter rise to my lips

at the exact same moment

as I recognized the feeling

of Persephone’s return.

My book Walking with Persephone is available here.

And, a new interview with Turns Out She's a Witch is here.


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Molly Remer, MSW, D.Min, is a priestess, teacher, and poet facilitating sacred circles, seasonal rituals, and family ceremonies in central Missouri. Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses at Brigid’s Grove (brigidsgrove.etsy.com). Molly is the author of nine books, including Walking with Persephone, Whole and Holy, Womanrunes, and the Goddess Devotional. She is the creator of the devotional experience #30DaysofGoddess and she loves savoring small magic and everyday enchantment.


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