“Open the door”, said the wise woman
“Come in and sit down.

For it is she of great worth
Who wears the King’s crown”.

I looked at the wizened face
For answers that long I had sought
Deep pools of star-filled eyes returned my gaze
And told of mysteries carefully taught.

Her countenance was hypnotic
And fingers deftly moved to and fro
Her body moving in rhythm
As the web from the spinning did grow.

Darkness turned to light
And time thus stood still
And the web of eternity
The whole of my vision did fill.

The chair upon which I sat
A throne of gold did become
And the sound of the cosmos filled my ears
With crystalline cadent hum.

A crown of seven stars
Rested gently upon my head
And all Life moved through me
Entwined as though a single thread.

I saw through the eyes of one
Quickened with new life
And felt the weight of knowledge gained
Through wisdom and sight.

The aeons passed on and
Radiance of Spirit justly reigned
And the seed of all creation within
The eye of the web eternally remained.

A gentle voice, words spoken soft and
I was drawn back from this sacred space
The wheels of time once again in gear
Eyes opened and gaze cast upon a radiant face.

For you see…

The wise woman and I were one
Dual nature hidden strongly within.

The door was opened
The answer received
And across the threshold
I purposefully stepped.

The truth of my Spirit
I joyously will bring
In service to the world
Finding my balance newly
Transformed into the Golden King.

Blessings of the Equinox and the time to claim your place as a Divine being having a human experience.  The equinox offers the experience of equanimity and communication with both the mundane and the magickal. This is a time of God and Goddess as life slows to honor what lay on either side of the spectrum of possibility.  We step into the mantle of our Kingship and in so doing move with the wisdom of the Creatrix Queen. We flow with the tides of human and Divine and all the while both are woven deeply into the strands of silvery moonlight and golden sun that offer the alchemy of their transformation.

All stands at the ready and when we are able to envision the beauty of our birth-rite and the Limitless Source from which we are born, the balance of Light and Dark flows one to the other blessing us with the grace of the Goddess' agile hands.