Mine is the sweet honey
That is the elixir of new life.

Mine are the arms that cradle the
Shell of who you have chosen to be.

Mine is the heart that calls
Out to you when you have
Forgotten me.

Mine is the hand that reaches
Out to you when no solace can be found.

Mine is the light that guides you
On the path back to me.

Mine is the truth that you desire
When life ebb’s from you.

Mine is the womb of light
To which you return
To be reborn.

I began this blog 3 years ago which much different intentions than those where the writing has taken me. Life has interjected itself and time has passed leaving at times gaps in what I wanted to say and what I was able to write. This, all part of the “human experience” where what is accomplished and what there is “time to accomplish” are often out of sync.

And, so She has called me back. Back to the writing and weaving of words that must be shared. My intentions and offerings flood through me and I run back into Her arms uplifted and renewed.

I surrender to the waters that gave me life. I settle into the gentle rocking of a current that contracts and expands with my every breath. SHE and I are one and listen to the echo of HER heartbeat speaking of the beauty of this human life.

I return to the Womb of Light that first set me upon this path.

Image: 123RF