Spring beckons us to awaken from the sleep of Winter and bring the newness of our being into the cycle of season and growth. The Great Mother pushes us up from Her life giving sanctuary and we stretch and yawn, expand and reach towards a light that sustains the potential of what we may become. And as we reach above, the roots that nourish and anchor reach deeper into Gaia's form...

Settle deep into
The rich fertile
Soil of my womb.

Settle deeper into the
Strands of quickened seed and
Light that promise growth.

Settle deeper still into
The heated core of intention
And draw from that source
Of life all that I give
Freely to you..

.....My most beloved child..... 

Gaia (also: Gaea) is one of the primordial Greek deities. She is the spiritual embodiment of the Earth itself, born at the Dawn of creation. Given this role she is considered the Great Mother and it is her body that is our home planet. She is Mother Nature and personifies the ecosystem of our planet. She heals, nurtures and maintains the balance required for the continuation of the life that resides upon Her. 

Gaia takes many forms evolving and changing as we ourselves do. She is the breath of life that flows in the breezy currents awakening tree and leaf to moving grace. Gaia is the tumultuous waters that rise with the tides and peak in ecstasy reshaping the shore. Gaia is the fertile field that opens itself to the planting of seed and grazing of the four-legged creatures. Gaia is the shade of the forest, lush with evergreen and wood scented loamy earth. All flow one to the other and Gaia, the earth mother dons her mantle of Wisdom in the ways of time. 

Gaia calls to us as a Mother calls her children to her and with each step we take, whether it be contained within urban or forest we seek the warmth of a generous heart. She is the space of sanctuary and Hers is the gift of renewal and new life. 

Gaia awakens all life that stands inert and from this awakening new life takes hold. That which is frozen thaws and that which is overheated cools to an understanding of pure love. 

Gaia holds Her supple body receptive to our praise and honoring and enfolds us cradled in the safety of Her bosom. Strong and flexible; anchored and foundational, what she gives in return we hunger for and what we treat with disrespect and carelessness shroud Her weeping form as a Mother despised.

Gaia quickens and calls us to action. We are Her stewards and we are Her voice. And, as the Sun blazes forth in the darkest of time, She too, leaves Her trail of fiery spark coursing through us.

Gaia lives in all that we are. Gaia breathes through all that we do. Gaia calls us to the best that we can be. Gaia stills our minds and in that quiet we see the truth of our own nature.

There are many other attributions that are given to Gaia and Her family tree is one of creation itself. I have found the connection and vision of Gaia as earth itself to be the most compelling and transformative for the work of growing a sense of connection and responsibility for actions as inhabitants on this planet and beholding to the grace of Gaia.   

Excerpted from:
A Year With Gaia-The Eternal Cord
by R. Fennelly
First Edition:February 2017
Serpent's Gate Press
Image: 123RF Stock Image