The Name holds the story and mystery of who it represents. The Name is the energetic sigil that connects and refines all parts of that individual. The Name holds the power and promise of greatness as its sound moves through space and time affirming our manifest existence.  Mundanely, we may be named for a favorite relative, as predictor of the qualities that are hoped we will possess or we may be given a name selected for the rhythm and resonance with other family member’s names. We may be named for a favorite character in a play or movie or to honor someone of achievement and greatness. Regardless of where that name originated, it is our symbol etched in the written word or the oral tome. We hear our name called by family and friends and as we grow and mature that name acts as identifier for all of our choices, interactions, achievements, failures and everything in between. Our signature of name opens doors, seals the deal and holds us accountable for how we move through life and our affairs. As we form lasting relationships we hold on dearly to our given names, take that of another or blend and weave the energies of our loved one’s name and our own in creation of a new energetic pattern.

Magickally, we select a name that will embody our perception of the intent we have for our spiritual work and the path we have chosen.  Often names of Deity will be incorporated into or used as the magickal name.  Names taken from the natural world, the celestial realms or goal of evolved attributes may be selected.  This name becomes the magnetic attractor of what we wish to become and the working tool that declares who we are in sacred space; aligned and moving in accord with our Divine nature. We invoke our magickal name and in so doing declare and call our magickal/spiritual persona into action. This name is our signature on the astral and becomes the representation of the deeper level of our Being in communication with our guides, patrons and Deity. In Ancient Egyptian belief, the Ren (name) was considered one of the five parts of the Soul. The name given at birth was guarded and protected as having power over the individual to whom it was given. The name was only shared with those who meant no harm to the individual as great magick could be worked upon the individual through the knowing of his/her name. The calling of an individual’s name affirmed the life essence within that individual and if used often and well, ensured their survival long after death in the form of legacy left by that name and the way in which the individual lived their life within its power.

The names of Deity are used frequently in personal development; holding the power and pure essence of that Deity’s energy.  The vibrations contained within that name can bring about healing, empowerment, strength, wisdom and more as we reach out and make connection through words of devotion and mantra. We are all familiar with the use of invocation in ritual and the calling forth of those Deity we wish to interact with. The power of speaking the sacred words and using the power of naming the Divine to be held in the energy of their presence is one of complete transformation.  Adding the energy of tone and breath to that calling, in the form of a chant carries those words in specific form and rhythm, enhancing the effect and preparing us as resonating vessels reaching up towards the Divine. If skillfully crafted and filled with intention in its offering, the simplest of chants can have lasting effects that can be quite profound.

There is a chant that holds such profound memory for me and continues to open me to new experiences with the Goddess in all of her aspects.  The chant, “In the Name of the Divine Goddess” (by Shakmah Windrrum) is one of my favorites.  This chant carried me through my Third Degree initiation and brought me to the place of claiming my power as a High Priestess walking a path of service.  For me, this chant underscores those treasured moments when I have called upon the Sacred Feminine and the answers were always deep, rich and fulfilling. The chant repeats a singular sentence raising power and elevating the intent of all who are enfolded within its power.  These words that hold nine syllables punctuate the threshold of Gate between the magickal and mundane self in a steady flow of expansion and contraction, offering and receipt. These seven words hold the mystery of paths taken and the promise of what lessons will be held upon these paths of challenge and victory. There is no specific Deity that is being called; instead it is declaration of the power of all of the names of Deity that the Goddess holds. 

Our names are sacred whether mundane or magickal and their greatest power comes from the realization that we all hold names that are in some way associated with one that has been given to the Divine.  You may have to look deeply at the varied spellings and cultural attributions of a name, but the Divine is held in all names. These names become a part of who we are and what we inspired in those gifting us with those names.  I have never been fond of my name- Robin- but have come to feel the energy inherent in that name and how my own spirit has molded it.  My middle name is Candace; a name that I really never quite understood why my mother would have given me.  In fact, she does not even remember why she chose that name.  Imagine my surprise when I found that the Greco-Roman name of Candace was the title for the Queens of the ancient African Kingdom of Kush (Nubia and Ethiopia).  They were Warrior Queens who protected their kingdoms, ruled wisely and independently; their husbands being their consorts.  Now I embrace this name of strength and honor as one that is in support of the work I aspire towards and the power of the Sacred Feminine working through me.

The power of the name holds the key to vibration, rhythm, form, force and the final act of creative manifestation of our place in this world.  So, the next time someone calls you by name, revel in its sound, feel the call to be fully present in time and space as you acknowledge the lineage and legacy that name has connected you to and will continue in its flow of power and presence long after you have returned to your place of the Divine. 

I breathe

The words 

Burst forth.


Each letter


Each sound



I breathe

The words

join as one. 


I breathe

The words 

Join as one.


I breathe and

My Name

Becomes all

That I AM.


Image Credit: 123RF Stock Photo

Chant Credit:  Taught By the late Shakmah Winddrum, Founder of New Seed Sanctuary.