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There is no such thing as just a deck of cards. Each deck has a special energy or story to tell. They have a very distinct purpose and tend to be heavily imprinted with the essence of their creators. This blog will explore both tarot and oracle decks and delve into their story, their purpose and how best you as a reader can utilize the gifts and abilities each deck has to offer.

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WIN A Collectors Copy of Llewellyn's Classic Tarot!

In 2013 I had the pleasure of attending Be The Change, Suzanne Evans conference extravaganza. During this 4 day event I learned a lot and took home some Suzanne Evans quotation gems, but one of the ones that has stuck to me is when Suzanne was talking about business models and product creation she said and I quote “You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but for God's sake paint it”. This deck is in my mind Llewellyn's painted wheel.

The Llewellyn Classic Tarot is a reworking of the traditional Rider Waite deck but, it has some nice new spins that give it a new lease on life without it subtracting from the feel of the original version. In my mind this deck is so good that anyone at any level of tarot experience can pick this deck up and immediately immerse themselves in it. This is mainly because of the incredible companion book. This book is so good it could very easily be sold as without the deck. It is that jam packed with tarot knowledge.

I am so impressed by this deck that I am going to be giving a signed copy of it away, more details on how you can enter to win this deck at the end of the blog.

To find out more about why Llewellyn thought it was time to give the wheel a new coat of paint I went straight to the source, deck creator and Tarot Maven, Barbara Moore.

Interview with Barbara Moore 
Deck Creator of The Llewellyn Classic Tarot

First off let me just say I really love this deck. The cards are vibrant and with no borders the artwork really becomes more intimate, I mean the hermit almost jumps right off the card! But I have to know, from a deck creator perspective, what were your personal goals for this deck?

Llewellyn actually commissioned this one, so in many ways I was trying to express their goals. They were looking for a Rider-Waite-Smith style deck that could be an alternative to that popular deck. Many times people want the traditional symbolism but don’t really connect with the art.

My main goal was trying to create a deck that included all the symbolism but also brought to the familiar compositions something fresh. Working with Eugene was a dream. I can’t imagine an artist I would have rather worked with on this deck. He took my descriptions and my plea for freshness and really brought the old images to life.

Many readers of this blog know I am somewhat obsessive about companion books and the companion book to this deck is truly fantastic. What was the idea behind creating the companion book they way you have, because in many respects this book could be a stand alone tarot handbook.

Ah, thank you for your kind words! And thank you for noticing that it could stand alone. I try to make all my companion books to be complete enough to be a stand alone handbook. Of course, since most of them are written to specific art, they do have that drawback and are not universal in the way this one is. Because this one goes with such a traditional deck, it is much easier to see it as a stand alone handbook. Because this was meant to be Llewellyn’s Classic and not “Barbara’s Version of the RWS,” I tried to keep my personality out of the text and to keep the information as clean as possible. It is a bit “the facts, ma’am, just the facts” book and for this package, I think it works.

In today's tarot market place the artwork of a deck can really make or break a new deck. How important was it to get the artwork aligned with your vision as the deck creator?

Well, in some ways it was more important because there were certain things that just had to be there, because of the traditional symbolism in the RWS. In other ways, it was less about my vision than other decks I’ve worked on. The deck was meant to present a classic almost generic (but not in a bad way) deck. It is really hard to make a RWS deck that is not themed or connected to some other something and have it not be boring. This project was very different in many ways and again, I have to really thank Eugene Smith for his excellent work on this.

I have a couple of favorite cards in this deck, one of which is the hermit. What card in this deck is THE card for you? The card that you just cant get out of your mind and just seems to speak louder to you then the rest.

With so many of the decks I work on, I, if pushed, could probably pick THE card. But it’s hard. I get so close to so many of them. I agree with you, the Hermit is spectacular in this deck and it’s a card I normally am drawn to. Strength is not a card I’m normally drawn to, but I do love this deck’s Strength. The way she is leaning into the lion and his power…it’s not clear what is happening and whenever I look at it, I see a different possibility. Oddly enough, I’m also usually drawn to the 9 of Swords. In most decks, that card is evocative and I feel a real connection to, and so it is with this one. Also, with the 5 of Pentacles and the 8 of Swords. But maybe, at least today, THE card is the 3 of Pentacles. I think it stays true to the RWS yet I’ve put something of my view in that one. I felt like I could because I don’t think it detracts from the RWS composition. So that is like a secret card to myself.

But I wouldn't be surprised if most people found it hard to have a THE card moment with this deck. One reason, I think, that it is so readable is that it is very consistent so that when you cards laid out in a spread, they work together very easily to create a greater tableaux that works together to tell a larger story rather than a bunch of images competing with each other for attention.

Thanks so much for taking time out to chat with me today. I want people to run out now and purchase this deck what is the best place for them to do so? And how can people get in contact with you if they want an original Barbara Moore reading with your new deck?

Thank you for the opportunity! You always ask such fun questions and I’m happy to be included in your work. As for where to buy the deck, it is available in the usual places, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. So those are good places for convenience and pricing (especially with Amazon). However, it is also easily available at most independent metaphysical shops (if it is not on the shelf, they can usually order it), so if you like supporting your local store, that’s a great route, too. As for booking a reading or a private tutoring session, people can find me at

Are you ready to WIN your very own autographed copy of this incredible new deck from Barbara?


Here's what you need to do, in the comments section below tell me how you use Tarot in your daily life and how owning this deck would enhance your daily tarot practice.

You have until Monday March 9th to leave your comment and the winner will be announced on Friday March you will need to come back and check on that Friday as I will need to be able to get in contact with you to send you your prize!

Next Stop the North West Tarot Symposium in Portland Oregon, March 6-8. I hope I see you there as I will be presenting one of my favorite tarot workshops with my partner in crime Amy Barilla.

For more information about the Symposium and how to register just click here.

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Leeza Robertson is the most nonspiritual spiritual person you will ever meet. Her resistance to the New Age way of life set her on spiritual quest like no other. This began in 2006 when Leeza was first introduced to the concept of power animals. Then in 2008 she had her very first encounter with the fae world, which lead to her numerous radio interviews on shows like the very popular Tarot Talk. In 2009 Leeza lost her site due to a sinus infection. In this 3mth blindness she started seeing tarot spreads and cards along with images of the people the readings where for. In 2011 Leeza made a conscious choice to take her relationship with tarot to a much deeper level and that is when she began writing about tarot, the cards and teaching others the many mysteries of the ever unfolding path that is tarot. Today she is a member of the American Tarot Association and runs a monthly study group called Tarot and Tea. In 2013 Leeza was approached by Llewellyn World Wide to produce her very first Tarot deck, The Awakened Animal Tarot. Through the creation of this deck Leeza has forged an even stronger bond with the cards, their energy and the deeper aspects of their archetypal teachings.


  • Wendy WIlson
    Wendy WIlson Monday, 16 February 2015

    I have a collection of move than 500 tarot decks, but I usually use the RWS deck. I have used them in ritual, to illustrate archetypes and in spells, to represent the intent of the spell. I don't read for other people because I hate to communicate a bad reading, but I do read for myself. I pull one card a day to study and I use the Celtic Cross to help me make sense out of a situation. Being in charge of my life, I do not use Tarot to make decisions, only to give me a better understanding of what is going on. I tend to take a simple view of what's going on and the Tarot helps me get at the subtleties involved.

  • Rochelle
    Rochelle Monday, 16 February 2015

    I use my current decks as a meditation focus to know what issues I have to work on and where to put more focus. As a beginner at this I feel a classic deck would be an amazing way to learn the finer details of feeling my cards. To be able to start to read for others than my close family I would love to have a new deck with a fresh perspective.

  • Justine Nicole Chambers
    Justine Nicole Chambers Monday, 16 February 2015

    When I was younger I was very active with my readings until I spooked myself out by accurately reveling a husband's infidelity and choose to take a break for a few years...however tarot seems to be calling to me, I've found myself going to half price books looking at the different decks and books on methods or insights. Maybe it's time to get familiar again...

  • john white
    john white Monday, 16 February 2015

    i have never had a tarot reading however i am a wiccan and have seen the decks and am interseted in learning to do readings to apply them to my family and i lives my 2 yr old is named oden after the god and would love these to pass on to him as well as wiccan teachings for him

  • Karen Craig
    Karen Craig Monday, 16 February 2015

    I currently have 1 deck and it is worn out like comfortable jeans or shirt. But I think it's time to expand, I use them personally and fir family only. We look for guidance and a direction. With my daughters growing and expanding their skills everyday, it's time to expand tarot cards too.

  • Stephen Sims
    Stephen Sims Monday, 16 February 2015

    I haven't been able to enjoy the benefits of Tarot yet and would like to be able to start my journey in Tarot.. I have studied Astrology but it feels incomplete.. I have been a Wiccan for 8 years now and still eager to learn

  • Caryl
    Caryl Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    I have the classic Rider-Waite deck which I use each morning to try and get a feel for what the day is bringing. I'm still learning and would love another deck to enrich my daily experience!

  • gina corn
    gina corn Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    i am working on improving my skills, i am looking to move up from the deck i have now.

  • Valerie Cates
    Valerie Cates Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    I think that I use it just as a comfort. I find that having an artifact that contains my own energy is a huge help when I feel not quite like myself or I am feeling insecure. My cards read great, they have good energy, and they are very accurate but those things are its job. Its use as an energy holder is priceless for me.

  • Whitney
    Whitney Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    Well, I used to use my deck almost daily. I would do readings for my family and friends. Unfortunately, I lost my only deck in a fire last year and have not had the money to replace it. I used mine as guidance and in my rituals. I would absolutely love to have this deck.

  • Beck
    Beck Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    I'm working to improve my skill--I'm only now beginning this journey, and I'm so thankful for it. I've been doing daily readings, and allowing those readings to guide meditation and restorative yoga, in order to help me to begin healing some really old wounds. When I feel more comfortable with my readings, I want to ask the cards to help guide my garden rituals, and I think this deck will help a lot!

  • Anna Lindberg
    Anna Lindberg Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    My tarot decks are usually out and about where I live, what decks depends on mood and what I'm up to. Lately it's been a lot of Thoth because of a guinea pig situation for a friend who created a tarot course she wanted to try out. But these last weeks I found myself thinking about the pictures from my old RWS clone Hanson Roberts. To be really honest I'm not a huge fan of he original RWS because of the imagery but this one is something completely different.

  • Sandre' Moore
    Sandre' Moore Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    I've been reading since the 70's and I really enjoy the symbolism and artistry of different decks. The way that I would use this deck is in my own meditation and study. About once a week, I use a reading as a meditation that I write down. I use this as an opportunity to compare different meanings and symbols in several reference books that I've collected over the years. Not only do these meditations help to keep my own mind open, but they afford me the chance to make my knowledge of Tarot more in depth and that benefits me and everyone I may read for.

  • Bogumil
    Bogumil Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    I don't have tarot deck and I don't use tarot in my practice. I would like win this particular not for me but for my love. Once she practiced divination, energy channeling, magic in general but because of situation in her home she suppressed her gift. Because of that withdrawal from what was very natural for her, she suffered- lack of inborn tools lacerated her link with intuition. Now she is willing to comeback to the craft, she's looking for a tarot deck, she tries to reclaim what was once native. I believe a good tarot deck with a guidebook would help her become strong as she was.

  • Sofia Wren
    Sofia Wren Friday, 20 February 2015

    I love using tarot daily for myself and to post a reading for my tribe. I often am asked if I read RW but the art is so important to me that I do not. But I would benefit from receiving this deck because the art is gorgeous so I could finally resonate with it and have that deeper connection to the tarot tradition to support me and thimise I seRve. Thank you for consideration.

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