Ask the Dark Mother,
faceless in her beauty
to open the portal
of self-compassion
to those whose scars
keep them hidden.
excerpt © Jennifer Lothrigel 2016



Maenad moon gathers all souls,
sends then dancing into the wind

Light dims, cold moves over, roots reach down to the core where life coheres. We draw inward, grow reflective, slow to the pace of dreaming and remembering.

At Celtic Samhain, still observed as Halloween/Hallowmas, the veils between the worlds are especially thin, and people ardently seek spirits of the departed. In almost every time and place, the wisdom and guidance of the dead are invited and invoked in ritual. Messages are thought to be carried by the winged, especially bees, since their gift of flight allows them to go between worlds.

We mourn all that has passed: stages of life, cultures, creatures, eco-systems—and people dear to us. Remembering, speaking of the dead, honoring them in ritual, is to give them life again. Making room in memory for lost loved ones, hopes, dreams, ideals enriches us, makes us more spacious and alive. As we welcome them into our lives, they find openings, in us to bring us blessings and wisdom from the other world.

Sherri Rose-Walker © Mother Tongue Ink 2017



Jennifer Lothrigel (Lafayette, CA) is an intuitive reader, healer, poet and photographer.
OliviaJane Art (Denver, CO) I make art to look inside myself. I hope my art invites its viewers to also look inside, to acknowledge our unique blend of masculinity and femininity. To heal the wars inside our body and mind, so we can work to heal the world around us. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at Oliviajaneart
Sherri Rose-Walker
(Pacifica, CA) is a poet and artist living on the coast of Northern California. She hosts monthly poetry series, and seeks always to deepen connection to the Divine Feminine.