Hello Dear Pink Moon! Our sprouting grass moon! The moon of cold frosty nights and the teasing of flowers.

Blessings of spring and happy planting! Make sure to get some good medicines in your garden for self-love and a healthy spirit! Librans love self-care, take some extra time this full moon to check in with your body. Balance your weight on each foot and feel your weight shift. JUMP into the crisp April air, breathing deep. 

Well Wishes, Leah




Preparing to Make Herbal Medicine

Give thanks a thousand times
let the stars know of your plans
turn your face to the sun
turn your face to the moon

Release your grivances
and take up your desire

Listen closely to the plants
press your face to the earth
let your belly rest
on the ground
what do you feel
what do you know

Dream the remedy
breathe into it
be the remedy emerging

Every tool is an extension of your spirit
be intimate in making space for making
entice the spirit of healing to take up residence
in the temple of the remedy

Give thanks a thousand times more
Ask yourself-am I ready?

¤ L. Sixfingers 2015


Barbara Largent (Bend, OR) is an artist and healer. She has deep love for the earth, for women, and for the inner journey.

L. Sixfingers (Palos Verdes Estates, CA) is a Witch, Gathering Tradition Weaver, and herbologist. In pursuit of enchantment, she explores the intersections of identity, authenticity, devotional ecstasy, and (re)creating sustainable Pagan cultures.